Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who Would Buy This?

I was looking on for some ideas for a birthday present for Aila and I stumbled across some really strange toys.  I selected the age group of 2-4.  These toys just made me laugh...

Grim Reaper Nesting Dolls:

A Space Pic.  Basically I white plastic pig with a Nasa suit on.
These dolls are just so ugly:

And I don't even know what this is:

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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Boys' Room

The boys' room is almost done.  I still have to get a nice blue crib sheet for Levi's bed and I need to paint another "L" because Doug dropped the one for LOGAN and it broke.  Other than that the room is finished.  I love the way it turned out! Here are the pics:

View from the door.  Check out the new cute rug:

This is Levi's name right above his crib:

The 2 cute box shelves.  I still need to figure out what to put in them:

Logan's name above his bed sans the L:

I even added some of the shape decals to Logan's bed.  This was Logan's idea and I love it : )

Some more decals around their closet:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Doug's Boss for Dinner

We invited Doug's boss over for dinner last night.  He and his wife are such a sweet couple.  Doug grilled steaks and I made my red potatoes and some corn on the cob.  We had some yummy fudge brownies for dessert.  Ofcourse Logan decided that tonight of all nights he would be difficult at the dinner table.  The evening still turned out ok but Logan got more than one spanking.

Family Beach Day

We all went to the beach together on Saturday.  Doug surfed while the kids and I made sand castles and sat in the shallow.  Logan and Aila love the beach.  Logan loves diggin in the sand and making piles of dirt and then knocking them down.  Aila loves laying on her tummy in the shallow and pretending like she is swimming. Everytime a wave comes she says, "Weee!" 

Riding Bikes in the Yard

Our New House- Pics of the Yard

We have a little garden area all along the side of our house.  Mimi planted flowers with the kids and they are starting to pop up everywhere.  Doug also planted 3 tomato plants.  They have lots of green tomatos on them so far but none have ripened:

Here is our yard.  I love the size of it and I love the giant tree we can sit under for shade:

The back of our house:

The Fireplace Stage

Ever since VBS our fireplace has become a stage! The kids like to stand on it and dance and make up songs.  Here is what a got today.  Right before I got the camera out Logan's song lyrics were, "Jesus made me! Hurray! Jesus made my butt! Hurray! Jesus saved my butt! Hurray! Jesus saved my butt with his sword! Hurray!" Aila would join in on the hurrays.  By the time I got the camera out he was no longer singing lyrics, atleast nothing distinguishable, but this video should give you an idea : )

VBS Family Night

On the last night of VBS all the kids put on a show for the parents and afterwards there was a big potluck.  This was the first night that Logan said he didn't want to go to VBS so we knew he must have been nervous about the show.  I honestly didn't think he would even get on the stage, or that if he did he would be crying the whole time.  Well he surprised us by getting up there but he did not move a muscle or sing any parts of the songs! He was like a statue! LOL For the 1st song he stood there just staring at the audience.  The next 2 songs he went out but he faced the back the entire time.  For the last song his teacher sat on the stage with him and moved his arms for him.  I guess Broadway is not in his future : )  Here are the video clips and pictures. Doug taped the first song and I think he kept unhitting the record button because he taped it in 4 parts? I taped the other 3:





Logan giving his tithe:

Sitting with his class:

This is the best smile he could give me before the show started.  He told me he had bubbles in his tummy.  Haha!

All the kids on stage:

Logan with 2 of his teachers:

Logan and his favorite teacher Ms. Mary:

Aila loved the cake at the potluck:

Logan at the potluck...still no smile!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Logan's First Day of VBS

Logan is getting so big! He went to his first evening of VBS (Vacation Bible School) tonight! It is from 6-9 pm which is way past his bedtime and a long time to be away from mommy and daddy in a new place so we will see how he does.  We can't wait to hear about all the great things he learns this week!  Here are some pics of him ready for his first night.  He was so anxious that he could hardly stand still for these pics!