Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Splash Pad Failure

We took the kids to the splash pad last night after dinner to let them work off their energy.  Unfortunately it was all gloomy outside and the kids thought it was too cold to be in the water so it didn't last long.

The Wave Pool

One of the worst parts of moving to TX is that I don't have a pool any more : ( Doug finally found us a public pool to go to that is a wave pool, but get this...it is $8 per adult and $7 for ages 3 and up!!! Not like the beautiful pools we can go to in AZ for $1!!! We forked out the money to go twice and loved it.  There is nothing I enjoy more when I am pregnant than feeling totally weightless in the water.  Plus I can hold my babies in the pool because they are weightless too! I have missed holding them so badly!!! Well on Sunday our church announced they were hosting an event at the pool we have been going to and that it was only going to cost $1 to get in!  We knew we had to go.  Doug's friend Dwayne came over beforehand with his little girl Emma and we all had dinner together.  Then we went to the wave pool.  The coolest part was that Logan learned how to swim from watching Emma! He can now swim underwater!!! He will go a few inches and then stop to come up for air.  I couldn't believe it! Aila of course thinks she can swim too but really all she does is crawl in the shallow end.  LOL

My "Twins"

People have always thought Logan and Aila were twins and I never quite understood how they could think that.  Now that Aila is getting bigger and has turned into a little chatterbox I am starting to see it! I mean they are so close like twins are.  I catch them holding hands all the time, even in the car.  I love how they are like bread and butter together! Aila misses her brother so much when he goes to school.  Yesterday when he came home she ran to him and practically tackled him to the ground with her hugs and kisses.  I wish I caught it on camera!

Logan's First Class Work

Logan came home with his first class project.  He made a polar bear with cotton balls to go along with the story, "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do You Hear?" He loved his first day of school so much that he wanted to go back that night.  He said his favorite part of the day was playing house with a little girl in his class named Jayden.  His teacher told me he is a total sweetheart when I picked him up.  I am so glad he is enjoying school!

A Family of Goofballs

It's true...we are all just a bunch of goofballs in the Sheppard Bunch : ) Gotta love when we catch it on camera!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Logan's First Day of School

Logan was so excited for school to start today.  He even wanted me to tell him a bed time story about school last night and instead of a lullaby he wanted me to sing him the ABC's.  We played school all day long yesterday and he woke up an hour earlier than usual this morning and said, "Yay! I get to go to school today!" I loaded him up with scrambled cheese eggs, ham and raisins for breakfast, gave the kids a bath and then we were dressed and out the door.  We got to school nice and early so we could take some pictures and help Logan get settled.  It turns out Logan didn't really need help settling.  As soon as he got to his classroom and the teacher said there were toys he said, "Goodbye Mommy!" I snapped a few quick shots and then we were on our way.  Aila tried to go back to Logan's classroom a few times saying, "I want to play!" I am sure she will miss her brother, but won't mind all the one on one mommy attention either.  Here are the pics of his first day:

He wanted to wear his Lightning McQueen shirt so he could look like his paper doll : ) He also could not wait to put his backpack on!

Can we go yet?

Of course Aila wanted in on the picture action!

If I smile any bigger my mouth will fall off!

Finally we are leaving!

His back pack goes down to the back of his knees! They want a fullsize one at his school.  I tied the straps that are hanging on the floor right after this pic:

In the car driving to school:

Mommy and Logan outside of his school:

Daddy and Logan outside of his school:

Logan with his teacher:

He jumped right in with the other kids:

Logan's First Homework

Logan worked on his first homework assignments yesterday.  He had to make a paper doll that looks like him and color a tree with his 5 favorite books. 

Prayer for Doug

Doug had a colonoscopy this week.  It was supposed to take an hour which in Texas time meant 6.  It was good that he had it done because we found out he has Crohn's Disease.  They are going to do an upper GI, some more bloodwork and are waiting on some biopsies but there isn't really anything else that can cause what they found.  Please be praying for him as he needs to change his diet and is not too happy about it. 

Also most people who have Crohn's can have severe stomach pains and can have problems maintaining their weight.  So far Doug doesn't really have these symptoms so we are praying it stays that way. 

Crohn's is not life threatening.  No one in Doug's family has been diagnosed with this but they do believe Crohn's is  genetically linked.  It is passed down through the gene called the interleukin-23 (IL-23) receptor, but other environmental and immune system factors actually trigger it.

Changing your diet can help relieve the symptoms but it has been hard to figure out what exactly is bad because there are lots of contradicting reccomendations.  We do know for sure that he needs to have a low fiber diet and cannot have any seeds or nuts.  Some people with Crohn's can't have dairy either. 

Back to School Bash

Doug threw a Back to School Bash for our neighborhood.  It was a huge hit and everyone had a lot of fun!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Our First Parent Teacher Night!

I took Logan to his Preschool Open House this week.  Logan could not wait to go to his school and meet his teacher.  When we got to his class he found his own name and sat down in his chair and immediately opened his folder and began looking at all of the papers.  When the teacher bent down to ask him his name he told her Logan and gave her a hug.  He didn't even want to leave when it was time to go and he wanted to do his homework as soon as we got home.  He even asked if he could sleep with his folder last night.  LOL I am so glad we were able to get him into this amazing program! I am so impressed by their emphasis on academics and his teacher is wonderful!

Another Zoo Trip

We got to experience 2 new things this time at the zoo.  A tunnel you can crawl through at the Piranna exhibit and the splash pad was actually working!