Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Family Time Day 2

When we went to bring Ethan home after the sleepover we found out that we were all headed to Nana's house!!! Logan and Ethan also asked if they could have a sleepover again so we got some more of Ethan's things.   All of the cousins had so much fun playing at Nana's house!!!

Cousin Love:

Doug feeding the kids fruit snacks : ) He is the best daddy!

Can you guess why Logan is all smiles?:

While we were getting Ethan's clothes for the sleepover we got to meet one of the dogs from Darren and Amber's dog rescue. She was the sweetest thing and exactly what I had been telling Doug I wanted our next dog to be.  She is a year old, so she is still young but not necessarily a puppy.  She is already house broken.  She is medium sized and she is a mutt (definitely some hound, Doug thinks maybe some lab and Amber said maybe some border collie)  Doug had wanted a pure breed golden retreiver puppy.  I was ok with this but I was not looking forward to house breaking it, the fact that it would have long hair, and the fact that it would be bigger than I like.  It turns out Doug saw my side and fell in love with this dog too : ) By then end of the day she was ours! To think Darren and Amber saved this dog on the day that it was supposed to be euthanized!

So to answer the question of why Logan is all smiles:
Because we have a new dog! We named her Rosie : )

Family Time

Logan has been really down about moving.  We didn't think he would really get it, but he seems to understand.  He keeps saying how sad he is to leave his friends.  He is even having a hard time parting with furniture that we have been selling.  Well he forgot about all that this weekend because he got to see his cousins 2 days in a row and he even had his first sleepover! Ethan slept over for 2 nights!!! Logan and Ethan had a blast.  On the first night we all went out to eat at Nello's.  Yummy!!!

Visiting Grandpa

Hospice ended up taking my dad to one of their patient care units for observation.  He had a few falls so they wanted to monitor him.  After monitoring him, they determined he can't be alone anymore.  Yesterday we had to move him into a permenant home.  It is a nice place but I think it will take my dad a while to adjust.  I can't believe how rapidly his alzheimer's is progressing.  Now it is even hard to have a conversation with him.  Yesterday he kept looking for his car because he had to go to work and cash some checks.  He was very confused.  It is so sad to see him like this. 

Aila insisted on wearing her sunglasses there : )

Kid's Club

I had to get out of my messy house and the kids needed a break from packing so we headed to Kid's Club.  It was great because we met up with Brady and Caitlin there.  Logan loved it because everyone sang Happy Birthday to him and he got a coupon for a free icecream.  We sure will miss Kid's Club when we are in Texas!

Hanging Out

The weather was really nice the other day and there was actually a breeze.  Logan got a kite from my cousin Debbie for his birthday and he had been asking everyday if it was windy enough to fly.  So we finally let him take it out while Doug had to wash his truck so he could sell it.  Somehow though, Doug ended up flying the kite and Logan ended up washing the truck.  LOL

Vanessa's Bday Party

After we had Logan's party we went to Vanessa's! It was a day full of fun and sweets for the kids.  They loved playing all the games and they even got to turn in some tickets for prizes.  Logan got vampire teeth and Aila picked a heart necklace.  Yes my boy is all boy, and my girl is all girl : )

Monday, May 17, 2010

Logan and Ethan's Silly Game

Videos from Texas

So I have been slacking on my blogging.  It's obvious that I am busy packing!!! LOL Here are some videos from our TX visit:

Happy bday to Logan and Mark:

Kids torturing crawfish:

Logan's Fire Truck Birthday Party

Logan had an amazing 3rd birthday party with all of his friends and family.  Thank you all so much for comming!  You really made Logan's day super special!

Friends and Family:

Enjoying the park:

Water fun:

Pinata time:

Time for cake: