Saturday, July 30, 2011

Little Songwriters

Logan and Aila love making up songs. Today they made up a cute one about Mimi and Papa. I tried to get them to sing it again but they sang it differently. Still cute though : ) Aila thought Mimi and Papa were in the camera and then she kept trying to see herself in it. Too funny!

Discovery Green and the Zoo

So I met up with some firends at Toddler Tuesday at Discovery Green. It was storytime with Sponge Bob, only it was so crowded that we never even saw Sponge Bob and could hardly hear the book! LOL Then I decided since I was in Houston already and the zoo was having a free 4D movie for zoo members that day that I would drive to the zoo just to see the movie...yeah right! First I got lost. Then I finally got there at 12 but the next available movie ticket wasn't until 4! So me and the kids walked around the zoo in 100 degree weather (plus humidity) until the movie that lasted a whopping 15 minutes which Aila and Levi cried through. HAHA AND THEN I GOT LOST GOING HOME.....AND I GOT STUCK IN STAND STILL TRAFFIC............AND THEN IT RAINED!!!

So yeah not a good day for me but the kids still had fun.

At Discovery Green-

At the zoo:

Levi is 8 Months Old!!!

I am not even going to try posing Levi with the cute lil "8 Months Old" sign because EVERYTHING is going in his mouth these days. Plus he no longer sits still. He is crawling all over and pulling up to standing...which means he has been falling...A LOT! I hate this stage of "trying to walk but so not ready to." If Doug would let me, Levi would be wearing a helmet right now. Here is my precious miracle:

He's already getting into trouble!

Church and Beach with Cousins

The kids got to go to church and the beach with their cousins. Uncle Mark brought a huge shovel that Doug used to bury all the kids and then they made a giant sand slide for the kids.

Revival in New Orleans

We got to be part of an amazing revival at one of the properties in New Orleans. 3 churches joined forces and sent mission teams that worked relentlessly from 8 am to 11 pm every day! It was so neat to see how God was moving! Next year they plan to bring out a team of 300! WOW!

We stopped at the Mall of Louisiana on the way so the kids could get out of the car for a bit:

And we got to visit the French Quarter and ride the ferry and eat begneits at Cafe Du Monde!

Friend's Birthday Pool Party

The kids were invited to a friend's birthday/pool party last weekend. They loved the cute bug theme and had a great time swimming in the pool.


Doug and I got to go on a date for our 6 year anniversary. We went to Outback and then to see Harry Potter. What a great night : )

Logan and Dress Up

Lately Logan has been wanting to wear silly things all day. Sometimes he wears a clown nose, other times it's his super hero cape, and other times it's his fireman boots and hat. We just got him goggles for the pool and now he wants to wear them ALL the time!!! Here we are in the car going to church:

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Play Date at Playscapes, McDonald's and Friend's House

Yesterday we met up with some friends at a church that has a GIANT free play area called Playscapes. The kids loved it there so we will definitely be going again. Afterwards we went to Mc D's for some lunch and then we ended our playdate by going to our friend's house. The kids were so bummed when we had to leave to pick up Doug for work...

Chucky Cheese

Our friends came over and hung out last weekend. We decided to take the kids to Chucky Cheese. We haven't been to one in over a year. The kids had a blast and are already asking to go back : )

Levi loved this ride:

Aila riding with Levi:

Aila rocking out on the guitar game:

Aila getting freaked out on the rollercoaster:

Having fun on the rollercoaster: