Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

We went on an Easter egg hunt with friends at a park today.  The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast.  Logan didn't want to leave he had so much fun!

Aila wanted to put sand in her basket instead of finding Easter eggs:

All the kids before we started the hunt:

Aila and Jacob decided to trade baskets:

Logan found one!:

On the hunt for more:

Enjoying the fruit of his labor...Candy!:

Aila found one egg and once she saw there was candy in it she could care less about finding more eggs.  She just wanted to eat it:

Logan was a nice brother and he shared his eggs with her:

Still checking out his loot:

Now it is time for lunch, but who wants to eat a sandwich when I just found all this candy?

Aila ate her whole sandwhich so she got to have a cupcake:

This is how happy she was to be eating it:

Logan could care less about cupcakes.  He had his fill of candy before lunch.  He just wanted to play with Kylie.

The boys all drawing pictures with chalk:

Shea and Jacob:

Logan and James:

Lindsay and her mom:

New Creation from The Granny Boutique

This is the newest dress from the Granny Boutique! It just came in the mail last night and I could not wait to put it on Aila.  It is so adorable! It even has a genuine "Handmade by Paula" tag!

Logan took this pic.  Not too shabby!:

Dinner at Nana's

Nana made her rice pilaf and we all went over to her house to help her eat it.  The kids love her Easter decorations!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

Josh's Birthday Party

On Saturday we went to Josh's birthday party at Skateland.  Doug was sick with strep throat and had to stay home so he missed out on all the fun.  Logan loved playing the games and Aila's favorite part was when they turned the rink into a dance floor.  We had an awesome time Josh! Thanks for inviting us!

He could play skiball for hours!

Logan trying to fit in with all the big kids:.

Vanessa's first time on roller skates! She did great!

Josh and his friends seemed pretty new to skating too:

Yes. He LOVED the cupcakes!

Daddy's Little Helper

Logan loves helping his daddy fix stuff:

Working at Chris and LeeAnna's

We went to Chris and LeeAnna's new house to help get it cleaned up.  Even the kids pitched in! We can't wait for you guys to be all moved in so we can live closer!!!

This is What We Call Chillaxing

Kid's Club