Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 Things

First of all, I don't know why my blog is only showing 5 posts at a time when it is set to show 100? Anyone else having this sort of problem on your blog?

And secondly, you all know how I love dressing up Aila and how she always has big bows and flowers. I make her bows, headbands and flowers to match every outfit. Well I found a website that actually sells them for CHEAPER than I can make them!!! They have tutus for $2.00 and they sell flowers and bows by the dozen! They have a gazillion different things on their site. I am going to be ordering the butterfly wings for Aila's bday since her party is going to have a butterfly theme : ) (yes I know I plan way ahead since her bday is 6 months away, but that is how I roll!) Anyway if you have a baby girl, know someone who is having a baby girl or need some ideas of what to get Aila for her birthday 6 months from now (LOL) check out this link: WWW.HALOHEAVEN.COM


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aila is 18 Months

I cannot believe my little princess is a year and a half! AHHHH! The terrible twos are just around the corner, although I don't think Aila could ever be that bad. She is so easy going like her daddy. She does have this whiney "Noooooo" that she does now and she is starting to do stuff she knows she isn't supposed to. She will even say "No, no, no." when she is doing it.

This month I have graduated from "Mama" to "Mommy". Aila is also eating less in her high chair now and more and more at the Lil Tykes table with Logan. It is so wierd to see her sitting at the table. She just looks so big! She is constantly picking up new words and people are always shocked at how much she can say. What is interesting is she can say a lot of words but she doesn't use very many on a daily basis. She just likes to get right to the point. For example she can say drink, more, milk, and cup but when she is thirsty she would rather just hand me her cup and say please.

Aila's hair is finally starting to thicken and get longer so I have been able to put in some pig tails and pony tails that are actually visible to the human eye. The ones I used to put in were so small you would need a magnifying glass to see them, but I just couldn't wait to start playing with her hair!

Right now Aila is very big on animals and babies. She is constantly pointing them out wherever we are and always wants to touch them. She is actually very gentle with both. I am not sure if this is because she is a girl or if it is jsut part of her personality.

This month Aila is finally getting used to the bath tub. She has hated baths ever since she was born. She still hates it when I wash her hair, but she does not freak out as much. Her appetite seems to have gone down this month. She seems to go through these phases where she is chubby and then she shoots up and alternates between eating like a little piggy and then eating like a bird. I guess she must have a growth spurt comming soon because she is very chubby right now : ) I hope she shoots up pretty good because she is so much shorter than other babies her age that I have started worrying that maybe she is some kind of midget and we just don't know it yet. LOL

As far as potty training goes, Aila is doing very well. Today she peed out in public for the first time! We went to story time at the library and afterward Logan had to go potty. When Logan was doen Aila was asking to go so I took off her diaper and sat her on it and she went : ) I was surprised because I haven't been training her in public yet. We are still on Phase 1-2 with potty training at home and she is still having atleast 1 accident a day so I didn't think she was ready to try going in public. Now I am thinking about getting her some pull ups and panties for when we are out. We'll see if she keeps asking to go when we are out of the house.


Logan is 33 Months

Logan is now 33 months old. All of his friends have started turning 3, which is a constant reminder that pretty soon my little Logan won't be so little anymore! In fact, he already is pretty big! He has been having a growth spurt this month and I have started breaking out the 3T clothes. This is the first time Logan has been ahead on a size. He usually doesn't fit a size until 3 or 4 months later.

Logan's new thing is asking if things he does makes Jesus happy. If he shares something with Aila he will turn and ask, "Mommy is Jesus happy?" If he gets in trouble for something he says, "Mommy, Jesus is sad." It has been a great opportunity to teach him about grace.

Logan has also started noticing time. He asks me at random times during the day what time it is and if you ask him what time it is he pretty much always answers 5 o'clock. In the stories he makes up he has also started adding times like yesterday he made up a story about him and his cousin Ethan on an airplane at two-thirty. LOL I am thinking about getting him a little kid's digital watch to start teaching him how to tell time. Maybe I'll find one at a garage sale : )

The older he gets, the more I realize that he is JUST like me. Some of the negative qualities I see are that he is very particular like I am (i.e. he doesn't like his food to touch), he doesn't like things to change (we went to the mall playground and one of the toys were moved and Logan spent the entire time trying to move it back to its old spot), and he is very determined (or stubborn, however you want to look at it!). The positive qualities that we seem to share are compassion for the poor and sick (Logan is always praying for people to feel better and for the poor people in the world), love of learning and reading (we must have read 30 books at the library this morning alone), and a drive for success (if he doesn't get something right he does it over and over until he perfects it).

I can't wait to see what new things he will be up to next month!


Monday, February 22, 2010


We have been wanting to take the kids to see snow all winter. The nice thing about living in Phoenix is that we can drive just a few hours away to Flagstaff and play in the snow and then come back to the nice warm heat! The last time Doug and I went to Flagstaff was when I was pregnant with Logan, so it has been quite some time since we have been there. When we left on Friday I was in shorts and a tank top. When we got to Flagstaff I added 3 more layers! LOL We were able to get a hotel for almost nothing and it even had a free breakfast and a hot tub. Logan was a little afraid of the snow at first and he cried and whined about how cold it is (he is so much like me) but then he thought it was neat. He liked breaking it in pieces and he loved eating it. Aila seemed to really like the cold weather and she liked playing in the snow. We went to a snow play area and we rode sleds down some big hills. Logan loved it until a little girl didn't wait her turn and she crashed into us and knocked us over. After that incident, Logan was done with sledding. He has been telling everybody about the "naughty girl who crashed into me that needs a spanking." LOL Another neat thing we got to do while we were there was go to a restuarant called Sakura where you sit at the grill and the cook makes the food right in front of you and does tricks. Logan loved the tricks and was cracking up from the very beginning. He loved trying to eat with chopsticks and he thought the food was delicious. Aila was afraid from the get go because it was loud and there were a lot of people. Then they lit the gril on fire (and the fire is HUGE) and both Logan and Aila completely freaked out. Overall though we had a good time.


Dinner at Sakura:

Killing time by hanging out in the Family Dollar store and a Country Western store trying on hats before dinner:

This was the view from our room. It pretty much snowed the entire time we were there!:

Playing in the snow:

Yummy continental breakfast:

Bed time

This is what we woke up to our van looking like on the last day. It was wierd to see snow on the van!:

It was not an easy drive home. It was like we were driving in a cloud:


Hanging at Nana's

Logan and Aila love haning out with all of their cousins and visiting Nana! Nana wanted a picture of all the grankids together but getting 4 toddler boys and 1 toddler girl all to take a picture is pretty much impossible! This is the best I could do:


The Zoo with Ashlynn

On Monday we went to the zoo with Ashlynn. Somehow it slipped my mind that the schools were closed for President's Day, so the zoo was a madhouse! LeeAnna said, "It's a zoo at the zoo!" Teehee. I had to park past the Hole in the Rock Mountain at a ranger station because the zoo parking lot was so full! It was worth it though because the kids had fun and I needed some adult interaction. Thanks for letting me talk your ear off LeeAnna! You make a great counselor : )