Friday, July 31, 2009

August Update

Is July really over? Sometimes I feel like someone is just keeping their finger on the fast foward button to my life! Things are going well though. Here are our updates-

Moving to Louisiana?: It now looks like we WON'T be moving to Louisiana. It is still a possibility, but they still can't figure out how to fund it or who is going to be the boss. So we are finally making new plans for our future! It has been horrible living life in stand still for the last year. Doug has decided that if he can't get paid to do fulltime ministry then he will do it for free and find something else that he loves. So we have started a home church that meets on Sunday nights and it is going awesome and Doug is trying out to be a fireman! I know BIG CHANGE! But we are really excited about it. He is signed up to take the CPAT (the fireman's physical test) on October 12th and he is enrolled in EMT school this semester and should be finished by November. He did a ride along with the Chandler FD and absolutely loved it so we will be keeping our fingers crossed that he will be able to get on out here.

Selling our house?: We are still selling our house. Why? Well 1. We still possibly may be moving to Louisiana. 2. Doug could get a job as a fireman in another state (we will be applying all over) and 3. Our house will never be worth what we paid for it! The bank did an appraisal and they actually appraised the house LESS than our offer! The realtor said that this is good news because the bank will be more likely to accept the offer. We should know by the end of this month. Hopefully that buyer is still interested because the bank is taking FOREVER!

Kids: The kids are doing great. Aila is still not officially walking and still has no hair! When will I ever be able to do pig tails? Maybe when she is in college? LOL She turns a year this month and I feel like she just arrived. She is still the sweetest most happy baby I have ever seen and I am not saying that just because I am her mom. I have no problem saying that Logan was a very difficult baby. LOL We have her one year portraits today and we are throwing a little family party for her at the end of the month. Logan doesn't seem like a baby anymore. He is talking non stop and I am amazed at the things he comes up with! This month he will start his soccer classes and we have already started practicing at home. Thanks to his Aunt Mary he already has the perfect size soccer ball that he needs for his class from his bday!

Be sure to check in this month for all of our pictures, videos and updates!

DoUg, NeSsA, LoGaN, & AiLa

Monday, July 27, 2009

Soccer Tots

We signed Logan up for Soccer Tots today! His first class will be in August! I know nothing about sports, but according to Doug soccer is the best one to start out with to teach coordination and balance and all that good stuff. Soccer tots classes start as early as 18 months! Here is the link:

If any of you sign up list me as a referral so we can get money off our class!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Aila On the Go!

Aila is just dying to walk! She has taken a few steps but she still has not gotten the hang of it. These days she settles for walking around with her push walker. She is becomming extremely mobile and is already climbing!!! This morning she climbed on top of Logan's rocking chair and was standing on it, she also pushed his potty step stool to the bathtub and was climbing on top of it to get in the tub! Then I turn around and she is crying because she had climbed on top of her activity table and couldn't get down!!!

Chucky Cheese

I got together with a couple of moms from my old nursing support group this week and we took the kids to Chucky Cheese. It is nice to get together because we all have boys the same age. Logan loved playing with Tristan and Brady and has not stopped talking about it since! We will have to do it again soon!!!

Play Date with Teo, Noa, and Melia

Logan and Aila got to go to their friends' house and play (and of course Jillian and I got to hang out!). Logan had his first corn dog and absolutely loved it. As soon as he put it down Aila grabbed it and took a big bite too- no surprise there!

Date Night

Doug and I finally had our date night. I was sick last month when we were supposed to go out so it was way overdue! We went to Olive Garden for dinner and it was delicious! Then we went to Sun Splash for the night splash. It was a little chilly when you got out of the water but it was better than standing in the hot sun waiting to go down the slides during the day.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pray for Kate McRae

What this family is going through is a parent's worst nightmare! They took their little girl in for a check up because she was having hand tremors and they ordered an MRI. They found on the MRI that she had a massive brain tumor! They operated on her at the beginning of the month and were able to remove 50% of the tumor and now they will be starting chemo. Please pray for this family. They have amazing faith and are really praying for a miracle. You can read all about it here:
and watch a video from the parents here:

Monday, July 20, 2009


Logan is always looking for Aila whenever she is not in his plain sight. He loves his "sissy" so much. He wants to change every diaper for her (I let him undo the flaps, give me a clean one and throw the old one away). I have also been having to watch him like a hawk because he really wants to pick her up. The other day I caught him trying to rock her in his little rocking chair. It would have been very sweet...if Aila wasn't in a choke hold! A lot of times when I am nursing her he comes and lays his head on the pillow right next to hers. When she takes a nap he constantly tries to tell me that she is crying (even thought she is not) so that I will go in and get her and he can play with her.

Thursday Fun

On Thursday, my mom came with us to Kid's Club. Logan has been able to sit throught the entire show now for the last 3 weeks! It is neat to see how is attention span is growing! After the mall we went back to my mom's and she decided to dress up her dog Gidget. She bought her a dress at Ross. You would think she didn't have 10 grandchildren to play dress up with! LOL Thursday night Jason and Joely invited us over to their house for dinner. It was so nice to hang out with them and their little cutie, Jalen.

Kid's Club:


Jason and Joely's:

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I had a free pass to Jeepers from Logan's bday so I met up with some friends there this week. Our kids all had a blast and it was not too crowded until late in the afternoon when the summer campers came.