Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bye Bye Granny and Papa

Doug's parents had to leave today. It really stinks saying goodbye. It was so nice having them here! Before we brought them to the airport we took them out to lunch at Chipotle's. Here are the last pictures from their visit. We miss you guys!!!


On Monday morning, Granny and Papa came with us to the park. It was a beautiful day and Logan was so excited to play. We went to the nice big playground on Hawes and Ocotillo. It was a little bit crowded and there were some very rude big kids that kept running into Logan. One little girl in particular kept kicking Logan down the slide and when Doug's mom said something to her she threw wood chips at her!!! Of course the girl's mother was not even paying attention to her kid and was off talking on her cell phone! I just don't understand some parents these days! They let their kids run around like hoolagens, they dress them like raggamuffins and their hair looks like it has never been combed! Sorry, but I needed to vent. I so would have liked to give that girl's mother a piece of my mind! But Logan survived, although he now has quite an aversion to the slide : ( Here are some pics:

Monday night we went out for Doug's birthday dinner. He is now officially 30! He really wanted to go to Nello's but when we got there it was closed. Poor guy! So we went to one of his other favorite restaurants, Chili's! Logan loves Chili's just as much as his daddy. He loves to eat their chips and queso and he loves their ribs!

Sunday Night Dinner

Doug's family came over for dinner Sunday night. Doug made patty melts and I made fries - can you say healthy? LOL Logan got to play with his cousin, Grace, for a little while but she got sick and had to go home early. He loved playing with Granny and Papa too and was dancing all around the living room eating up all the attention.

Jalen's Baptism

On Sunday we went to a baptism for Jason and Joely's baby. He was so cute in his little sweater outfit. He is still so tiny! It was a very nice ceremony and then we went to a party to celebrate. Thanks for inviting us!

Jalen and Mommy:


Logan playing at the park before the party:

Daddy keeping Aila warm:

Monday, December 29, 2008

Granny and Papa

We have been having so much fun with Doug's parents. We are hanging out every day trying to let the kids get as much Granny and Papa time they can get before they go back to Louisiana tomorrow. Unfortunately Granny and Papa got sick, but it turned out to be only a 24 hour bug. I guess it is good that we all had it already and hopefully we won't get it again! The kids are having a blast and Logan is just eating up all the extra attention. I am also having fun dressing them in all their new Christmas clothes!!! Thanks everyone!

Papa and Aila (she always seems so comfy in his arms)

Granny and Aila (Granny makes Aila smile all the time)

Logan likes to wear Aila's hats and bows. I am sure this will embarass him whe he is older!

Aila in one of her dresses that Nana got her for Christmas

Logan fooling around in his sweatshirt from Jason and Joely and a t-shirt from Granny and Papa

Aila tackled him

They love eachother so much!

Aila in an outfit from cousin Debbie and Harvey

Logan lets Aila suck on his finger when she gets fussy

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we woke up the kids (my kiddos could sleep to 10 if
I didn't wake them) to open their presents. Logan wanted to play with everything he opened before he opened the next present so the process was a bit slow because he would open one and then we would have to take it out of the box and put in any necessary batteries. etc. But it was so awesome to see all of his joy and excitement. Aila was more enthralled with the wrapping paper than her presents but she has been getting use out of the carseat toys we got her. After opening presents at our house we went to my mom's house. Nana made such a delicious pancake breakfast and then we exchanged presents there. Then it was time to go meet Doug's parents who flew all the way in from Louisiana. It was so great to see them! Doug's dad read everyone the Christmas story from the bible (Aila helped) and then we exchanged gifts. Afterward we watched Polar Express and then we went to Cherry St. to see the lights. This truly has been one of the best Christmases ever!

At Nana's house:

With Wayne and Paula: