Monday, November 29, 2010

Time to Decorate!

I love decorating for Christmas! As soon as Thanksgiving was over I took down our fall decorations and had Doug get all of our Christmas stuff out of our storage closet.  This year was especially fun because Logan was more excited about it than I was! He even found santa hats in one of the boxes that he put on himself and on Aila.  Aila was more into playing with everything.  She also liked taking every ornamant over to where Levi was sleeping to show it to him. 

Here is a video of Doug making fun of me...Isn't he so sweet? LOL He is always tattling on me to the Dr. that I don't "take it easy".  I think "taking it easy" is boring...unless I am really wore out.


This was our first year hosting Thanksgiving at our house.  Doug made a yummy turkey and his family and one of our friends came to join in the feast.  It was hard being away from my family but I am glad we still had family to share the holiday with.

The kids all dressed up in their Thanksgiving outfits:

 All the family:
 Doug read about giving thanks from the Bible and then we all shared something we are thankful for:

 Logan and Grace were dieing to sit next to eachother:
 Our friend works for the train company so after our feast he took everyone to see the trains up close.  Logan was in heaven!

 Logan and Aila pulling apart the wishbone.  Aila got the bigger half.  Logan said if he got the bigger half he would have wished for a clown wig for Levi...
 The triptofan worked on Mimi! I love this because I have a pic of her sleeping with Logan like this too.  So precious!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Brotherly Love

Levi's 1st Dr. Appointment

We took Levi to his first appointment with the pediatrician.  He already weighs 7 lbs which is amazing! I can't believe he is already bigger than his birth weight! He is definitely eating enough...we can tell by the tons of diapers we have been changing! After the pediatrician we had to take him to a lab so they could do the 2nd heel stick new born screening test.  Poor Levi hated it! He cried and cried.  I am glad Doug was there to hold him because I think I would have started crying myself if I was holding him!

Here he is before the appointment.  Poor guy has no idea about what is comming.  He is already trying to suck his thumb! It looks like I might have a 3rd thumb sucker on ,y hands!

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Hair Bows

I made Aila's Thanksgiving hairbow yesterday and another black and white one that I have really been wanting to make.  Check them out : )

#1 Dad

I get such joy when I watch Doug with our babies.  He is such an awesome daddy!

Finally Out of the Hospital!

When we finally got out of the hospital I was anxious to get home and see my other two babies before they left for Louisiana with their Mimi and Papa.  Luckily we got out early enough and we were even able to join them for lunch at Chic Fil A before they headed out.

Our family all together at last!
 Here are the pics of Logan and Aila hanging out with their cousins at Chic Fil A:

 Logan took the next 2 pics.  He is getting better at his photography skills:
 Time to say goodbye to my babies : ( Logan wanted his monkey pillow and Aila was already conked out:

Hospital Round 2

So we weren't even home for 10 hours when I got crazy chills and started getting a temperature.  We didn't think much of it at first because I run a temperature for just about anything and I always get the chills when I am over tired.  So I went to bed but Doug kept waking me up to check my temperature and it kept getting higher and higher.  When it reached 102.5 we decided to call my OB.  They told us we needed to go to the ER at the hospital where I delivered.  Luckily they said it was ok for us to bring Levi with us (I am nursing and I didn't have any milk stored up for bottles.   I didn't even know where the bottles were!).  It was also a blessing that Paula was here so we could leave her with Logan and Aila.  We got to the ER and they did a complete examination and they noticed that when they pushed on my lower abdomen that it hurt.  They diagnosed me with an infection of the uterus and I was readmitted to the hospital.  They couldn't believe that I got this because you usually only get it when your water has been broken for a long time during labor and then when you get it you usually run fevers right away.  My water was only broken for 3 hours before Levi came and I never even had a slight temperature in the hospital.  Because of the infection I had to be on like 7 different antibiotics through an iv.  Thank the Lord again that all of the meds were still safe for nursing.  So I was in the hospital from Tuesday night until Friday morning trying to kick the infection.  The second day I was there I had horrible pain, worse than my labor pains.  They sent me for an ultrasound to figure out what was going on.  They were worried that maybe I still had some placenta left in me.  It turned out to be a completely separate issue of a cyst bursting on my ovary.  Now we are home and I am finally getting some sleep at night without all the crazy nurses comming in every 30 minutes.  It is taking me a long time to recover but I am hoping to be all better by the time Logan and Aila get back from Louisiana with Paula and Wayne.  Please be praying that I feel 100% soon!

Papa getting to hold Levi for the first time:
 Aren't hospital gowns lovely?
 The kids were so happy to see Levi again: