Monday, March 4, 2013

Chic Fil A Family Night

We love going to Chic Fil A for family night.  They almost always have face painting and balloon animals.  Look how cute the kids turned out:


Katy Train Park

We found this awesome park close to our house that the kids absolutely love.  It is so cute because it looks like a giant train.


Ariah is 10 Months Old

Ariah is 10 months old now.  She loves to eat and eat and eat.  This month we introduced her to the sippy cup, which is a pretty big deal because she has never even had a bottle.  She is starting to get it down pat and hopefully with some extra milk and all her eating she will start growing because she is a tiny lil peanut!


Happy Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day we always get the kids a balloon.  This year they got extra treats.  One of the sweet ladies from one of Doug's churches gave the kids a box of chocolates and their Aunt Jen made cookies.  They were in sugar heaven!  They got to wear their cute Valentine's outfits that Mimi and Papa gave them too.


Our Grass and Garden!

While Mimi and Papa were visiting we had our sod put in the yard.  Yay for no more dirt! Doug and Wayne built a fence to run along the back of our yard for where our garden will be. 


Mimi and Papa Visit

Mimi and Papa came for a visit and got to be our first guests in the new house.  Papa played video games with Logan, Mimi gave Ariah a bath in the sink, and they both played duck, duck goose and ring around the rosie with the kids.


Friday, March 1, 2013

We've Moved!

We were super blessed by all the people who came to help us move! Even though we rented a truck that said it was for a 4 bedroom house and we were moving from a 3 bedroom apartment, the truck still was not big enough.  So 2 friends let us load up their trucks as well and Doug still had to go back 1 more time to get some more stuff! Without all the help it would have taken us forever to move! Thank you times a million to all of you!!!

We have been busy busy busy.  Lots and lots of unpacking! I have been doing all of the unpacking and organizing and then when Doug gets home from work I ask him to put things together or hang them up.  We make a good team : )  Here is the house so far:

Living room-
Cross wall by entry:
Dining area:
Guest bath:

Guest bedroom:
Front door:
Linen closet: