Friday, March 1, 2013

We've Moved!

We were super blessed by all the people who came to help us move! Even though we rented a truck that said it was for a 4 bedroom house and we were moving from a 3 bedroom apartment, the truck still was not big enough.  So 2 friends let us load up their trucks as well and Doug still had to go back 1 more time to get some more stuff! Without all the help it would have taken us forever to move! Thank you times a million to all of you!!!

We have been busy busy busy.  Lots and lots of unpacking! I have been doing all of the unpacking and organizing and then when Doug gets home from work I ask him to put things together or hang them up.  We make a good team : )  Here is the house so far:

Living room-
Cross wall by entry:
Dining area:
Guest bath:

Guest bedroom:
Front door:
Linen closet:



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