Friday, March 1, 2013

We Closed on the House!!!

We closed on the house! The actual signing of all the papers went really smoothly.  My friend watched Logan, Aila and Levi so all I had was Ariah to look after and she was super good.  We had a final walk through in the morning to make sure everything got fixed from our last walk through.  Then we went to the office to sign everything.  Then we had to wait for the keys.  This is the part that took forever.  They wouldn't give us our keys until the bank transferred the money into their account.  Well being that it was the end of the month the banks were really busy.  We waited an hour and we still didn't have our keys so we figured we would go back to Baytown and get all of our painting supplies and pick up the kids.  Our plan was to sleep on the floor so we could paint Wednesday night and all of Thursday and then go back to Baytown Thursday night and finish packing everything up so we could move on Saturday.  Well we went and got the kids and drove all the way back to Katy and they still did not have our keys.  At this point I was getting nervous.  We had finished signing papers around 11 and it was almost 5 o' clock.  They finally gave us our keys after about another 20 minutes and we were off to paint the new house! It finally felt real! It was official! We had the keys!!!  We got to the house and started painting right away.  Doug's brother and wife came over and brought us dinner and helped us paint too.  Here are all the rooms that we painted:

Dining area:
Living room:
Guest bathroom:
The girls' room:
Boys' room:
We were so blessed by the friends who gave us the paint and by Doug's brother and wife letting us use all their tools and for helping us paint.  Now we can't wait to see all of our funiture and things moved in!!!

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