Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trip to New Orleans

Doug had to do some work at one of the properties in New Orleans so we drove down there for President's weekend.  We survived the 5 hours in the car but I can tell that the 18-21 hour trip to AZ is not going to be very fun! We stayed in one of the apartments at the property and the kids loved having a playground.  Doug had tons of business meetings while were out there and he preached at a church on Sunday.  The kids did really well considering they had to sit still and be quiet for most of it.  We did squeeze in a few hours of fun and went to the French Quarter.  We ate some beignets (I have no idea how it is spelt but it is pronounced ben-yay and tastes just like a zeppoli), rode the trolley back and forth, played at a local park, and then rode the ferry.

We stopped at a mall on the way there to eat lunch and let the kid ride the carousel.  I don't know why but Logan always picks the bench:
 They made lots of friends going to the play ground every day:

 Doug preaching on Sunday:
 Waiting to be seated for one of Doug's business lunches:
 Time for fun in the French Quarter! Eating at Cafe Du Monde:

 Logan took this pic:
 Logan couldn't sit still because he loved the beignets so much!

 Our whole family was covered in powdered sugar by the time we finished eating:

 The buildings were all so historic and pretty:
 There were horse and carriage rides everywhere:
 The entire place was decorated for Mardi Gras:
 Riding the trolley:

 In front of the park:
 Riding the ferry:

 On the way back to TX we thought we'd let Levi drive a bit...jk:

Nice Park

We went to a beautiful park in Sugarland last week.  Oh how I wish we could live in Sugarland! It is alot more like Arizona. 

They loved the seesaw and I got a great leg workout trying to jump in the air to make their side go down.
 They had this fun spinning chairs that would turn you around and around:

Mom Squad Playdate at the Mall

We met with our play group at the mall to paint ceramics, play at the play ground and eat lunch : )

Zoo Trip

We decided to go to the zoo when the weather was nice.  And ofcourse we ate at Frank's after : )

 Logan thought the birds were stinky:

 Logan took this pic of me and Levi:
 Look how close the lion was:
 My fav is the new chimp exhibit.  The chimps were so funny and interactive.  They were comming right up and banging on the glass:

 Time for Franks.  Aila alwasy has to sit by daddy.  She is def a daddy's girl: