Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Mom Squad Playdate

My friend, Melissa, (the one who took our gorgeous family pics and the newborn pics of Levi) started a play group called The Mom Squad.  We had our first playdate this month and I hosted it.  Logan and Aila were so excited to have lots of friends come over to play.  Logan was especially excited to have a little boy to play with that is the same age as him.  Poor guy has been missing his friends in AZ a lot lately.  All the people we have met have younger kids and most of them are girls.  Even in his class at school there are only 2 other boys and the rest are all girls.  He was so sad when everyone had to leave that he cried.  I am definitely looking forward to our next playdate.  It is so nice to get to interact with other mommies!

Valentine's cup cakes:
The Valentine's wreath we made out of the extra cupcake wrappers:
Heart shaped PB&J:
Some yummy grapes:
Everyone playing:
Time to eat our cupcakes:

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Melissa S. said...

:) Thanks again Vanessa for hosting!! We had fun, and thanks for having a camera handy!!!