Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Doug!

Doug is 31 Years Old today! He is the best husband and father and I hope he has a very happy birthday. In honor of his birthday I thought I would share some interesting, random things about Doug that you may not know:

1. Doug does not like birthday cake... he likes pies : )
2. Doug hates any food prepared in a crock pot!
3. Doug's favorite color is blue.
4. Doug is dieing to go surfing!
5. His favorite restaurant is Nellos.
6. He is very particular about the clothes he wears.
7. Doug has written an amazing book!
8. He is always inventing things and comming up with new ways of doing business.
9. He is a really great artist and painter.
10. He never yells at anyone.
11. He is an amazing preacher even though he is afraid of public speaking.
12. He is a dreamer and he is always optomistic.
13. He is very skilled at reading lips.
14. He can suck things into his nose and make them come out of his mouth.
15. I have never heard him tell a lie...ever! He doesn't lie on taxes or anything else either.
16. He hates it when people smack their gum (and I do this all the time!)
17. One of his biggest idols is Billy Graham.
18. Doug started writing his first sermons when he was only in first grade!
19. His nickname in college was D-Low.
20. He would like to open a BBQ restaurant someday and call it Sticky Fingers.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hanging with Mimi and Papa

Doug's parents came over yesterday and spent the day with us. The kids had fun pretending to cook with Mimi in the kitchen. Then we went to the park to play for a while. What and awesome day!


Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

We started Christmas morning off at our house by Doug telling the story of the birth of Jesus and then singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and enjoying some birthday cake! Then we went to the living room to open presents. We were so blessed to have almost all the presents given to us by my cousins, Diane and Marisa. They had even given us a train set, which is exactly what Logan wanted for Christmas. I also got a few things from a garage sale. So I only spent $5 total on the kiddos this year and that includes the wrapping paper! How blessed are we??? Thank you again Diane and Marisa for all of the awesome toys!

Our tree with all the presents under it:

The kids' stockings set up:

Our "fireplace":

Jesus' Birthday Cake:

Opening their stockings:

Eating Jesus' birthday cake and a lolipop from their satockings:

The kids sitting in their chairs with their piles of presents:

They loved opening their presents:

Aila's dollhouse is bigger than she is:

Logan with his toy tape measure:

Daddy showing him how to use it:

Aila liked eating the bowling pins:

I made Doug a coupon book with things like "1 hour of watching sports":

Logan checking out Aila's dollhouse:

Aila checking out Logan's truck:

After opening presents at our house we headed to Nana and Grandpa's house for a yummy breakfast. Then everyone got to open presents again!

The kids all waiting for us to say it was ok to open presents. They were just sitting on the floor staring at them! LOL:

Time to open them:

Aila loved this bear that Uncle Darren and Aunt Amber got for Logan:

I got this little rocking elephant for Caelum but all the kids loved it:

My mom and dad got us this awesome tent and tunnel playset. The kids had a blast playing in it!

After letting the kids play for a while we put them all down for a nap and played some cards. Then when they woke up we headed to my cousin Diane's for a Christmas feast with all of my family! Unfortunately I forgot my camera and could not take any pictures but we had a ton of fun and I am still full from all the yummy food!