Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Payton's Birthday

After we celebrated Christmas with Mimi and Papa we headed to the Houston Space Center for Payton's birthday. The place was awesome and the kids loved it! Thank you Uncle Mark and Aunt Jen for taking us there : ) After the space center we went back to their house and the kids made monster hats and we ate dinner and cake.

Christmas with Mimi and Papa

Mimi and Papa came to town for Payton's birthday so we celebrated Christmas with them. They made a scavenger hunt with the kids, read a Christmas story and we exchanged gifts.

Christmas Crafts

I made glass soda bottle snowmen, coasters, a vase, and more as gifts for people for Christmas:

Class Parties

I made these treats for the kids' friends at school:
Here is the bow I made to match Aila's dress:
Aila ready for her party:
Pic of Logan (his party was on a different day than Aila's)
Aila's party:
Logan's party:

Moody Gardens

We went to the festival of lights at Moody Gardens : ) We saw the lights, rode the boat and saw a 3D Christmas movie!

Starting to Show!

I am starting to get a baby bump for sure! Here is a pic of me at 22 weeks:

Gingerbread Parties

This month we went to 4 of the elderly/handicapped properties and put on gingerbread house making parties for the residents. Logan and Aila loved helping and we let them make a house at 2 of the parties : )