Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Logan in LA Day 2

Here are the updates for day 2. I am still missing him like crazy but I am definitely enjoying the peace and quiet!:

Logan has has a great morning:
We got up, had breakfast, went to-Walmart:
Pictures of:
Cooking with MiMi
Playing with play dough
Eating peanut butter sandwich
And.... I found a bunch of school stickers and Logan saw them. I said, "Logan, if you go potty, you can pick out a sticker" He never ran so fast to the front bathroom and went to bathroom and ran back without pants for sticker - cute

Precious nap time :)

two more for tonight - that's all, we're all tired!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Girl Time Day 1

Since Logan will be gone for the next 10 days we decided that we would make this a special "Girl Time" with Aila. We will be doing lots of fun girly activities! For our first day we decided to play cheerleader. I put a Cowboys cheerleader outfit on Aila and she watched the game and cheered with her daddy:

Logan Day 1

Logan is in Louisiana having fun with his Mimi and Papa for the next 10 days. They are sending me pics and updates each day which is awesome because I miss my little monkey terribly. The house is eerily quiet and although I am loving having one on one time with my little princess, she can't have a conversation with me like Logan. I miss his sense of humor and how he makes me laugh! Can't wait to see you baby! Have fun!

Here are the pics and updates from Logan's first day in LA:

Today's events, so far:
Monday at 4:58 p.m.

Got up and drove all the way w/no stop - Logan was SO precious and good! He did not need to potty and we did not stop
Wayne met us at the hosue and unloaded the card.
Logan has gone to potty - NO accidents, even told me he had to poo and I led him in front bathroom.
Front bathroom has the big claw foot tub - we will put him in it tonight and take pics
I put the two-step ladder in front of sink so he can step up and wash and dry his hands.

Brad has been working on the house and Logan watches him.
Logan found all the toys in front bedroom; stroller, high chair,puppet, basket of books, little stove and I brought all of into the sunroom off the kitchen.
He has played and run on the hardwood floors- he loves to hear his footsteps on the hardwood floors and the pier and beam foundation of a l00 year old house does resonate with sound and he loves it.
Also, he LOVES going down the four steps off kitchen french doors into our master bedroom and jumping off bottom step to floor [- not far at all and even he did a flip. I was watching him do all this. He has drug out every single book and we read a couple
He loves the swing on the proch and I will take pic of that.

Logan is on the back porch with Wayne and Bro. Brad all into tools for a ceiling fan Brad is about to replace - he is loving all the guy time.

Monday night supper then later bath time :)

Texas Videos

Logan loved the rain:

Playing Air Hockey:

Walking with Grandma's cane:

Spinning in GG's chair:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Texas Trip

We left Wednesday evening and drove all night. It took us forever to get to Doug's Aunt Debbie and Uncle Byron's house! There was an accident, it was raining, there was lots of traffic and we got a little lost.

By the time we got there Doug only had an hour or two before he had to take the fireman's test. He thinks there must have been a thousand people there taking the test and they only took the top 60 scores. Doug passed the test but he was not in the top 60 so he will most likely not be moving on to the next step. Because he passed the test though he will still be on a list for this year so if those 60 don't work out they will go down to the next 60 and so on and so on. So it is possible that Doug could still get a call, just not very likely.

The rest of our trip was spent enjoying our family. We spent the first two days with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Byron and got to see Priscilla, Aaron, Ethan, Kate, Tanya, Great Grandma Jean and Great Grandpa Bill as well. Logan and Aila loved playing with their cousins.

We spent the next two days at GG's house and visiting with Uncle JD, Uncle Ronald, and Aunt Linda. We left Sunday afternoon minus Logan because he is going to be staying with his Mimi and Papa in Louisiana for 10 days. (I was able to hold it together until we got on the road and then I balled my eyes out! We will miss him but he is going to have a blast!) We drove all night and got home at 7 this morning. Aila let us go to sleep when we got home and we woke up around 11.

We are wore out but it was so much fun visiting with everyone. We miss you all already! Thanks for letting us stay with you! Here are the pics from our trip. I will post the videos in another blog tomorrow because I am too tired to do it right now : ) Nitey nite!

Cousins having fun together:

At the park:

Taking a walk:

Handsome little man:

He kept getting in trouble for doing this. I am so glad we don't have a coffee table!:

Walking barefoot in the grass:

Playing jokes (He was putting a bug on his Aunt Linda's chair):

Visit with Grandma Jean and Grandpa Bill and eating lunch at the Pizza Hut Buffet:


Mimi and Aunt Linda:

Uncle Ronald (Aila loved all of the silly faces and noises he made):

Mimi and Uncle Ronald showing Logan how to put his pjs on:


Lunch with GG and Uncle JD (We found a food Aila does not like...briscit. She took one bite made a disgusted face and then took the food out of her mouth and handed it back to me! LOL):

Everyone hanging out at GG's house:

Fun with the cart in GG's yard:

Fun with GG's spinning chair:

Only in Texas will you find mailboxes like these: