Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crazy Swimming

Yesterday we went to Granny and Papa's house. Aila loved being held by everyone and Logan had a blast swimming in the pool. Check out these videos:

Doug throwing Logan:

Logan jumping in:

Logan splashing on the baja step:

Logan and Daddy

Logan is always on the go! In fact Doug has given him the nick name of "Lo - Go"! So it is very rare for Logan to snuggle. Check out the pics:

Dog Sitting

This weekend we are dog sitting for Doug's brother. Cooper is a male boxer and he and Sunny have been running around the yard like crazy. Logan loves having another dog to play with. In fact, Logan has started pretending to be a dog sometimes. Here he is on Cooper's bed:

Aila is 2 Weeks Old!

Our little princess is 2 weeks old! Time is going by so quickly already! Not too much is new this week. Vanessa survived her first week home alone with the 2 kiddos. It went pretty smoothly, but Logan had a little cold for a few days. Poor guy! He is all better now. Aila lost most of her umbilical cord, but still has some to go. Check out her latest pics and our possible baby announcements. Let us know which announcement you like best : )
Birth announcements:

Sleeping beauty:

Tummy time:

Strike a pose:


Baby Burrito!:

Look she does cry!

Dressed up for church:

Monday, August 25, 2008

Logan's New Skill

Logan has turned into quite the climber. Everyday it seems like he finds something new to climb on. He has even figured out how to move certain toys and use them as a step to climb onto something bigger. Check out our little monkey:
Climbing on the couch:

Climbing onto his toy box:

Our Little Princess

She eats, she sleeps, and then she sleeps some more! It almost seems too good to be true! Check out her latest pics:

Logan on a Leash?

Doug thought is would be silly to put Logan on a leash. Logan likes to run and does not want to hold hands anymore so we gave this a try. No, we would never take Logan for a real walk on a leash! This was just for fun!

Aila's First Bath

We decided to give Aila her first sponge bath this week. She can't have a real one until her umbilical cord falls off, but she was getting pretty sticky from all of her mommy's milk. She was not too fond of it, but she did better than the cleaning they gave her at the hospital.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chef Doug

Tonight Doug was determined to make homemade pizza from scratch. It was really yummy! He even tried tossing the dough like the pros:

So Blessed

It is so amazing how God is always providing for our family. Whenever we are in need of something, someone we know just happens to have an extra or has something they are getting rid of. Whenever Logan has grown into a larger clothing size, someone has said "I just cleaned out my son's closet, do you want the clothes?" There is a woman who keeps cleaning out her closet and happens to be the same size as Vanessa. It is just amazing! This week is just another example of God's provision. Our PS2 has not been playing dvds well and Doug's parents just happen to be getting rid of a dvd player. Then, we were talking about toddler beds yesterday and a couple from our old church just happened to be getting rid of one (plus a truck load of clothes and toys for Logan). Our house looks like it is Christmas today with all of these blessings. Thanks Moores! Thanks Granny and Papa! Thank you to all of you have given us things for Logan and for Aila! We have been blessed by your generosity! Thank you Lord for always meeting our needs!!! Check out Logan enjoying all of the new toys:

Aila is 1 Week Old!

Today was Aila's one week birthday! Vanessa dressed her up (which Doug refers to as "playing Barbie") and we visited with Nana and Grandpa.

Aila's Blood Test

Aila had her newborn blood test today. They stuck her heel and dripped the blood all over this sheet of paper. Aila was not happy, but as soon as they were finished she was back to her calm self. She is such a good baby! We are truly blessed with our precious little angel!

The Sheppards

Last night we went to Granny and Papa's for a triple bday celebration for Aunt Jen, Granny and Aila. Logan had so much fun playing with his cousin Grace and eating ice cream!