Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Visit with Mimi and Papa

Doug had to go to California for the week for a seminary class so I went to go stay with his parents. It really isn't safe enough for me to stay in this house for a week without Doug so I am really glad his parents let me stay with them. The kids and I loved getting to spend time with Mimi and Papa. Mimi gave me lots of sewing lessons and I got to make a dress for Aila! The kids got to go to the zoo and even ride the train around the zoo! They loved visiting Mimi and Papa's church and even asked to go back for the evening service. They got to play at Chic Fil A and an awesome church playground that was designed to look like Noah's Arc. Papa even took the kids to play golf. Can you say it was a funfilled week or what?
Papa opening his "I Love Papa" mug for Father's day:
Mimi taught the kids bible lessons throughout the week. Here they are painting little crosses:
The kids found Mimi's hat collection and had fun trying them on:
Aila modeling the dress I sewed her and of course Logan had to get in the pic too!

Noah's Arc Play area:
Mimi got the kids bug catchers. Good thing too since she had to catch a lizzard that was in her kitchen. Logan put it in his catcher and made the lizzard watch a movie with him:
Fun getting ready at Mimi and Papa's:

Papa and the boys:
Fun at the zoo with Mimi:

Mother Daughter Teddy Bear Tea Party

My neighbor invited me to a mother daughter tea party. Aila loved getting all dressed up with mommy and I even let her wear some jewelry, which she was super excited about.

Children's Museum with Mimi and Papa

When Mimi and Papa were visiting they came with us to the Children's Museum. It is free every Thursday but now that is is summer it is getting way too crowded so I might wait til the school year starts back up before we go again.