Thursday, June 2, 2011

Louisiana Visit- Day 1

We went to visit Mimi and Papa in Louisiana for Memorial Day weekend. Doug's brother and family came too and so did his Granny and Uncle J.D.! On our first day there we got to go to a drive through safari that is 10 minutes away from their house. We all sat in a bus that had no windows so that the animals could stick their heads right in. Uncle Mark gave the kids food pellets and everyone got to feed the animals. Some of the animals were a little greedy and stole the whole cup! Oh and did I mention Uncle Mark got spit on by a lama...TWICE! LOL After the safari the kids all went swimming in Mimi and Papa's little pool and rested in the hammock. Then we all went to one of Papa's friend's houses who has lots of miniature horses and the kids all got to sit on one and pet it. What a great day : )

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