Saturday, January 31, 2009

Moving to Louisiana...maybe...

Well many of you know that Doug is a pastor. He moved to Arizona to start a church, but there were many bumps in the road and ultimately Doug wound up cleaning and repairing pools to make ends meet. Now opportunities have presented themselves for Doug to once again be in full time ministry. What is the catch?, you ask. We would have to move to Louisiana!!! I am asking for all of our friends and family to pray for us because, quite frankly, I AM PETRIFIED!!! I know that God's plan is best and that I should not be afraid but I still am. Please pray for the following:

1. That God would give us wisdom about what job He would like Doug to take, if any (There are a couple in the works and we would really like God's direction for which path He wants us to take. Doug is so excited about getting to do what he is most passionate about as a fulltime job but he is also nervous).
2. That if we have to move that we would adjust well to our new home (I have only really moved once in my life and it took me over a year to finally get accustomed. I have never been away from my parents or my brother and that would be REALLY hard, not only for me but also for them. My mom will be crushed if we have to move. We are really close. Also we don't know where we would be living but we would really like to find a place in a decent neighborhood that would allow us to keep our pets- they are part of our family too, afterall)
3. That God would work a miracle and sell our house in AZ or provide us with renters. (Anyone want to buy a 3br/2ba in Queen Creek? Anyone??? Anyone?????????)

Thanks for all your prayers. I will keep you posted as new developments arise.

Church and IHOP

Tonight we visited this awesome church called Sun Valley. After church we decided to eat at IHOP. The great thing about IHOP is that kids eat free! Now that Logan is becoming more voracious in the appetite department it is nice to be able to order him a free meal. We ordered him a smiley face pancake and he devoured it... although not all of it made it into his mouth : ) After every bite he would say "MMM!!!" really loud. It was super cute:

Brody's 1st Birthday

It is amazing how quickly babies grow up. My nephew Brody celebrated his first birthday today. We had so much fun at his birthday party!!! We got to see Brody take his first steps with a push walker today! Logan loved playing with Ethan and Brody's toys. Happy Birthday Brody! We love you!

Birthday boy:

My handsome little man:

He made friends with his cousin-in-law and they both had fun taking all the magnets off the fridge:

Ever since we started potty training I always catch Logan sticking his hand down the back of his pants. I think he is checking to see if he went???:

My pretty princess:

Aila trying to crawl to a toy:

Aila finally getting to the toy she wanted:

My family:

Nana (she was making fun of my blog right before I took this picture. She said, "Oh Boy am I gonna be on your website?" Ofcourse you are mom!!! LOL):

It wouldn't be a party without my dad sleeping in the middle of all the excitement:


Somehow Doug walked in front of my sister-in-law when she was carrying the cake and when she swirved to miss him she hit the wall so the cake had a few "extra decorations" LOL :

My brother's new puppy:

Aila Laughing

I love watching Doug make Aila laugh. She has what I like to call an "old lady smoker laugh". Check it out:

Sugar Rush without the Sugar

Last night Logan just ran in circles in our lving room for over an hour. He did not even want to play with daddy. You would think he eats nothing but sugar! I can't believe how much energy he has!

New Nap Time

Logan used to go down for his nap at 11 am. This week though he would not go to sleep and instead would jump up and down in bed for an hour straight without stopping. I snuck in and got this video of him the other day. So I decided to change is nap time to later in the day and that is working out much better. What a silly boy!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Playing at the Park

Today I took the kids to the park and then we went for a walk. Aila rode in the stroller like a big girl today because she is getting better at sitting up by herself(she usually sits in her car seat and I attach it to the stroller). Logan had fun playing in the sand and going down the slide. The only problem was that his nose kept running so we decided to head home.

Aila in the stroller:

Logan playing in the sand:

Logan going to the slide:

Logan going up the stairs:

Logan pointing at a dog:

Logan coming through the tunnel:

Aila laughing (she always sticks her tongue out and opens her mouth all big. It is pretty goofy!):

Aila falling asleep:

Aila eating her blanket:

Logan going down the slide: