Friday, July 30, 2010

Beach Trip

Yesterday was the first day all week that it did not rain.  It was still pretty cloudy out so we thought it would be a good evening to go to the beach because then it wouldn't be too hot.  The beach is awesome and probably my favorite part about moving to Texas.  Logan even had his first surf lesson! He learned how to balance, where to position himself on the board and the timing of cathcing a wave.  Now I have two boys in my house obesessed with surfing!

Aila loves getting nice and messy.  She will scoop mud and put it on her head and face.  Sometimes she even tries tasting it!


Look! Logan is surfing : )

Daddy taking Logan out for his first surf:
Getting him on the board.  He was a little scared the first time:
But then he got his balance and he was off!:
After the beach we stopped at Whataburger for dinner.  Aila and Logan made friends with this little girl.  Logan leaned right over and kissed her on the lips! We had to have a talk about how we only kiss family after that! Aila was fascinated with her long hair and kept wanting to stroke it.  The little girl just loved the attention : )

Logan is still a head taller than Aila and yet people still ask if they are twins! LOL

My Artists

Doug has started on the artwork for our bedroom.  He even let the kids help! He took out art books from the library and gave the kids a lesson in modern art. 

Family Story Time

On Monday nights our library has a family story time.  We have been going the last few weeks and the kids love it.  Logan and Aila are doing the summer reading program and won their first prizes last week.  Logan likes to check out a ton of books and he reads them all week long.  Aila likes to play in the little puppet house they have there and she is more interested in taking the books off the shelves than actually reading them.  LOL

I remember when I used to take them to story time and Logan would never sit still.  Now Aila is the one who can't sit still and Logan is completely focused on the teacher.  It is comforting to know that it is just a phase and Aila will be able to sit still again eventually.  When Logan went through it I was all worried that he could be ADHD or something.  Leave it to Stress Ness to always find something to worry about ; )

Master Bedroom

So this is the last area that we have been working on.  We still had tons and tons and tons of boxes packed ceiling high in our master bedroom closet.  We finally tackeled the boxes and got things more organized.  It's not really "decorated" yet but it is almost there.  I used my birthday money to buy a new bedset (our old one was starting to tear and it had some stains) and we are using the frames from Logan's old room on our walls.  Doug is going to paint us some artwork for them.  I also want to get some curtains for our giant window and maybe some candly sticks or something to put on top of our headboard.  Here are the pics:

While we were working on it we used the bed and desk as a sorting area:

The hallway became box central:

Our new bed set and the empty frames on the wall:

The best part of the room is the HUGE walk in closet:

Bed again:

The door on the right goes to the hall and the one on the left goes to the master bath:

Our dresser is at the foot of the bed:

Our desk and giant window:


Oh how I long for our days without mosquitos.  They seem to love me and Logan but don't go for Doug or Aila much.  This is Logan's back from after being outside for 5 minutes WITH clothes on and bugspray! I think I counted about 20 bites on his body.   I was eaten up just as much.  I counted 30 bites on me.  Aila got 1.  Go figure...

Another Trip to the Zoo : )

Logan and Aila absolutely love the Houston Zoo.  Every day one of them is asking us if we can go there.  On Sunday we decided to go after church.  It was really overcast and thundering but fortunately the rain didn't come down while we were there.  Afterwards we ate at Frank's Pizza, the best pizza joint ever!

Logan is fascinated with dinosaurs right now.  He is also very afraid of them.  He told me yesterday that he prays to Jesus every night to save him from dinosaurs and snakes.  We keep telling him that there are no more dinosaurs but he doesn't seem to get it.  The Houston Zoo has a whole section of robotronic dinosaurs so that doesn't help!

Doug made a new friend.  After I took this picture the cow came right up next to Doug...and took a huge dump! LOL

Logan thought it was hilarious that the cow pooped.  He loves watching the animals poop.  Such a boy!

This is one of Logan's favorite things to do at the zoo:

Aila prefers hanging out with daddy.  She is a total daddy's girl.

The kids love climbing on the fake animals:

Aila was trying to pick the monkey's nose and Logan was telling her that it's gross!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Marriage Makeover

My newest endeavour is a new Facebook page called The Marriage Makeover.  Now you can follow our marriage tips of the day and follow us on Facebook! Look to the right on our blog and you can see "The Marriage Makeover".  All you have to do is click "like"!

Friday, July 23, 2010

An Interview With Logan

At breakfast I usually like to interview Logan.  I have questions that I typically ask like what his name is or how old is he and then I have some that I just throw in to see what he will say.  He can come up with some pretty funny answers.  This video is about 5 minutes but some of the stuff is bound to make you laugh.  For example- When I asked Logan what does Jesus do? He answered he saves us from dinosaurs.  LOL


Play Ground

We found a nice playground where Doug plays softball.  We decided to take the kids and let them get some energy out before bed.

Logan likes to pretend places are kitchens and he makes you food.  Here he is giving daddy a hamburger:

Aila sticks her tongue out like this whenever she is concentrating.  It's funny because Doug does the exact same thing! She is definitely a mini Doug:

Hamming it up:

They liked rocking in the car together:

They loved the swings! Logan even learned how to swing himself!