Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kid's Club and the Toy Store

On Thursday we went to Kid's Club as usual. Afterward the kids decided they wanted to play in the toy store. They loved the little kitchen and Aila kept bouncing on the horse.


Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for dance! It is a great passion of mine and I absolutely love it. I have been dancing 2 nights a week and it is amazing how good I feel. I am doing a tap routine that we will be auditioning for Celebration of Dance in March and I am taking a Jazz class. I am grateful that Doug is willing to stay home with the kids these two nights so that I can get out of the house to do this. It is such a stress release and it is great having some adult interaction without the kiddos around.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chili's and a Steam Vac!

We went out to eat at Chili's the other night with a giftcard I earned from being a bzzagent. The kids love their chips and salsa! It is one of Doug's favorite restaurants as well. Afterwards we went to Walmart and got a new steam vac! My old one broke and with two kids, a cat and a dog it is definitely a necessity for cleaning! I have already used it 5 times and it hasn't even been a week! Doug made the kids an airplane out of the box and they love pretending like they are flying!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bounce U

I had 3 free passes to Bounce U that were going to expire this week so I met up with LeeAnna and Ashlynn today and finally used them, and boy am I glad we did! Logan absolutely loved this place and he could climb on everything! This place is every kid's dream! I especially loved the giant slide! It was really fast and steep! Ashlynn was so cute in the bouncers. She didn't seem to like the slide much. Aila started out petrified of everything but by the end she was warming up to it.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Marriage Monday

Here are the marriage tips for this week:

16. Pick times during the year where you can sit down together and evaluate your relationship. Constantly try to improve.
17. Although it is natural to want to protect yourself against personal attacks, try to not respond defensively or to try and get even. It's ok to feel hurt, but it is not ok to criticize or to react in anger. It takes a decision to listen and not over-react. Listening can strengthen the intimacy in your marriage.
18. Invest Your Time, Talent and Treasure on Your Marriage Relationship
19. Support eachother

(I missed a few days because the kiddos had a stomach bug!)


Granny Botique

Look at this adorable new outfit from the Granny Botique!!! We love it Paula!!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Go Cowboys!

Doug is a huge Cowboys fan. Unfortunately, the Cowboys lost and are no longer in the playoffs, but we cheered them on during their last game! Maybe next year Cowboys!

Daddy's lil cheerleader:

Yes! She's gettin more hair!!!

Give me a C!:

A lil cuddling:

And some tackling:


Aila is 17 months Old!

Aila is now 17 months old. She is seeming so much bigger these days. She already has a passion for fashion! She is constantly trying on different shoes, hats and sunglasses. She has been wearing these Cinderella sunglasses all over the house. She is starting to outgrow some of her smaller 12 month clothes and she moved up a shoe size, so now she wears size 4! People still think she is only 8 or 9 months when they see her, but I can tell she is growing.

Aila loves playing with ponies and stuffed animals. She also likes trying to tackle Logan, which usually results in someone getting hurt! She loves washing her hands and brushing her teeth which I find hilarious because all day long she will go into the bathroom and say, "Teeth Peez!" She is still an awesome cuddler and she loves being held.

We are still on Phase 2 of potty training and she is doing OK. Somedays it's like, Ya she gets it! and then somedays she will have lots of accidents. I am waiting for her to become more consistant before I start training her when we are out and about.


Logan is 32 Months Old!

Logan is the sweetest little boy. He is always looking out for Aila and he loves helping me or Doug. This month I have noticed more of his imaginitve side. He will do things like take a straw and bend it different ways and then say, "Look it's a flag" or "Look it's a candy cane". His favorite game to play right now is house. He likes pretending to be the daddy. Very cute! He also loves making up songs or stories.

This month Logan has turned into quite the prayer warrior. Everytime he hears a baby crying he prays for them to feel better. My mom had the news on last night and Logan saw the footage from Haiti and he started to pray. He said, "Dear God, help the people have new houses and give the babies new mommies and daddies. Make them feel better. Amen" That has to melt the heart of God! It sure melted mine!

One negative side to this month is that Logan has been giving us a hard time when it is nap time or bed time. He cries and tries to run away. We tell him 5 minutes before it is time to sleep and set a timer so that he will know it is comming but that doesn't seem to help. He gets a sticker on his chart if he goes to sleep without arguing but that isn't working either. Hopefully our battle of the wills ends soon. Mommy always wins, so I don't know why he bothers trying to argue? Doug says two year olds are like lions. Occasionally they strike out at the lion tamer and he has to remind them who is boss ; )


Sal's Gilbert Pizza! MMMMMM!

January 15th was mine and Doug's 5 year dating anniversary. 5 years ago Doug took me fishing and on the way back he said, "So, do you like me?" LOL Good thing his proposal was a lot better than that! To celebrate we went out to eat pizza with the kids and my mom. We love Sal's Gilbert Pizza!!!