Thursday, August 16, 2012

Beach Day

Believe it or not, we have not been to the beach at all this summer.  We have a membership to this awesome place called Moody Gardens and one of the things they have is a man made beach.  It is a lot cleaner and a lot less crowded than the beach so we have been going there instead.  This week though the kids were dieing to go to the real beach.  We have a little beach about 15 minutes from our house so we decided to go there.  The kids all loved it, except for Ariah.  I don't think she liked all the noise.

Mimi's Outfits!

Aila wanted matching outfits for her and her sister for her birthday.  Aila loves dressing like her sister.  She used to like her dolls to match her but now Ariah is her real life doll.  Mimi made these adorable outfits for the girls for their birthday and her friend Theresa made the bows to match.  Aren't they precious?

Logan Can Ride Without Training Wheels!

Logan was determined to learn how to ride his bike without training wheels since all of his friends in our neighborhood are older and don't have training wheels on their bikes.  He was so determined and would not give up and he didn't want any help.  This morning he couldn't wait to get outside and ride his bike again.  Today he mastered turning : )

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Aila's Birthday at Chucky Cheese

Aila wanted to celebrate her birthday at Chuck E Cheese like Logan did.  She also requested a Dora cake.  She also asked for her cousins, Mimi and Papa, and her friend Esther to come.  She was very blessed to have all of her birthday wishes come true and she had such a great time.  The day after her party she asked if it could be her birthday again.  LOL

Aila is 4 years old!

My sweet little princess is 4! She really is the best little girl.  She is so great with people and is so nice to her brothers and sister.  Here is a little bit about 4 yr old Aila:

She loves Dora. 
Her favorite color is pink. 
 Her favorite animals are puppies and horses. 
She loves to play dress up and thinks painting is the coolest. 

 And if you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she will tell you, "A princess!"

Ariah is 4 months old!

Cleaning is Fun!

Every day the kids have chores to do that I put on a little chore board they made.  Here is Logan sweeping.  He is definitely my son.  When there is music on he can't help but dance.  Aila on the other hand has 2 left feet and falls ALL the time.  Poor girl!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Homeschool Memory Verses

Every week we have a letter of the week and we learn a memory verse to go with the letter.  I love how Aila is just chewing on her toy the whole time until Logan needs help and then she chimes in.  Too cute!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Night Light

Logan is terrified of the dark. He saw a commercial for a dream light and really wanted one. Well dream lights (basically a stuffed animal that makes light on the ceiling) are almost $40! Instead we found a "Twilight Turtle" on ebay from a store in China. Logan won the auction and got free shipping so it only cost him $12. And the thing is awesome! I tried to take a video but you can't really see how neat it is, but it fills up the whole room with stars! The best part is, Logan doesn't cry about it being too dark any more!

Our new ride...

Look what a friend gave us! The kids love riding around in it!

 The kids said they wanted a silly face picture:

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Frog Prince

Look who was hopping on our front door step when we came home...