Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Time

We got some Christmas presents from Aunt Mary and Uncle Ed in the mail with so many nice things! Thank you guys!!! After we opened the presents the kids decided it was time to decorate for Christmas : )

Logan's Baptism

Here is the video of Logan's baptisim. He randomly asked me about what it meant to be a Christian 2 months ago and I told him that it meant that a person knew they were a sinner and that recognized their need for Jesus. That they wanted t o follow Jesus and have a new life with Him. Logan said I want to do that right now. I was thinking, I wish Doug was here, he is the preacher after all and maybe I didn't explain it well enough but Logan was peristant and said that he knew he needed to make a choice to follow Jesus. I told him that he is so young and that he would be making a choice that would change the rest of his life and he said that God didn't care about how old he is and that he wanted to do this now. So we prayed together and Logan started his life with Jesus. He started asking about being baptized then but we wanted to make sure he understood what all this meant. We ended up reading the book of John and about when Jesus was baptized and Logan said even Jesus got baptized and I want to be like Him. He says that we should be baptized. So Doug asked his dad if he could baptize Logan when he preached at the church in Louisiana this past weekend. Logan was thrilled and has been telling everyone. He even shared his testimony with his friend Ava and she prayed to accept Jesus that night. We can't wait to see how God is going to use Logan!

Look at Our House!!!

Our House is really comming along! 1 week after they poured the slab and the framing is already up!
Then the next week they put in the tubs and showers and put on the siding!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with Doug's family in LA. Even his Granny and Uncle JD drove down. We started the morning off watching the parade while all the food was cooking. Then we had a Thanksgiving dinner feast at lunch time. After we ate we all went back to the lake and took some nice family pictures.

Fishing in LA

Papa took us all fishing at a beautiful lake close to their house.

Levi is 2!

We celebrated Levi's birthday at Mimi and Papa's house while we were visiting there for Thanksgiving. Levi wanted a Thomas the Train cake so I made him one that looked like a train. His favorite part were the oreo wheels. Of course everyone had bright blue lips ; ) I am so grateful for the last 2 years that I have had with Levi. Every day I can't help but think that my life would be so different without him. I will never forget hemmoraging and going to the hospital only to be told that my precious baby was dieing and that I was having a miscarriage. I thank God for the miracle He did to save my baby boy. Happy Birthday little miracle!