Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Decorating Pumpkins

The kids painted their pumpkins this morning. It took Logan over an hour until he was satisfied with his work! They loved getting nice and messy too!

Playing together with their paintbrushes:

Logan and his pumpkin:

Aila and her pumpkin:


Boo at the Zoo

On Sunday we took the kids to Boo at the Zoo. It was not very good this year because they moved the location and it was really cramped. Plus last year they had cute little games and this year it was more just businesses setting up little booths. We still had fun though. Aila is petrified of all thing Halloween though and was even afraid of the hay and pumpkins at first! LOL

Ready to start the day:

By the end of the day Aila was wore out:


Date Night

Doug and I went on a date Saturday night. We went to Gilbert Pizza for dinner and I got to eat my favorite food (even more than chocolate) - chicken francese! We even had cannolis for dessert and they were the best cannolis I have ever had! Then we went to the San Tan Mall and walked around for a bit while we waited for our movie time. It was fun to just browse the clothing stores. I can't believe how expensive they were though! Doug found a button up shirt that was $180!!! Who would pay that much for 1 shirt? I could buy a whole new wardrobe for that much! We ended the night by watching Couples Retreat, which was hilarious and not overly raunchy like we were worried that it would be.


Hall of Flame Museum

On Saturday the Hall of Flame had a free family fun day. Even Doug was excited to go to this event! We got to ride on two different old fashioned fire trucks, take tours through other emergency vehicles (Logan's favorite was sitting in the hellicopter) and walk through the museum. They also had bounce houses, face painting and lots of booths with free stuff, which ofcourse I loaded up on! They even gave out free passes to Bounce U and coupons for free slushies and big gulps at 711!

Logan and Aila loved this little ride:

Logan's version of sliding down the fire pole:

A doll house that demostrated fire hazzards:

Aila posing for the camera:

They had a mini firehouse with lots of toys in it:

The kids loved riding in this car:

Dressing up:

Logan is not afraid of any Halloween stuff. He thought this singing skeleton was hilarious:

He got his face painted like a puppy dog. He asked for a monkey but they did not know how to do that so this was his second choice. He loved having paint on his face and sat so still for them to do it.

Touring some fire trucks (I don't know who liked it more- Logan or Doug? LOL)

Logan in the hellicopter:

Old fashioned police car:

Riding the fire trucks: