Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham Unit

We are reading lots of Dr. Seuss for homeschool this week because March 2nd is Theodor Geisel's birthday. I decided to make my own work sheets to go with Green Eggs and Ham. We will be eating green eggs and ham for breakfast, reading the book, and working on these sheets. (You can click on the links to download/print the worksheets if you want to use them)

Here is a counting activity:

Here is the addition sheet I made:

Here is a rhyming page where the kids will have to match the rhyming words from the book:
Here is a worksheet where the kids have to complete the pattern:

We will also be comparing Sam's persistance in sharing green eggs and ham to sharing the gospel. And then we will be reading this "God I Am" poem together:

Friday, February 24, 2012

I Love Pasta!

Star Student

Logan's teacher picked Logan as the Star Student this month. Logan got to bring in a whole box of his favorite things and show them to his class. He was so proud of his certificate!

All the Sheppards

Mimi and Papa came to town and we all went to Mark and Jen's new house. Mimi wanted a pic of everyone so I learned how to do the timer on my camera. It took me about 5 times to get it right! lol

The Kids' Rooms

Here are the pics of how their rooms look now that Aila has the crib for Ariah in her room and Levi is sleeping on the bottom bunk in the boys' room:

Art Night at School

The kids' school hosted an art night where all the parents were able to come and have dinner and see their child's art work. Logan and Aila were so proud to show off their work : )

Aila made an "S" snake:

Logan made a dinosaur:

Logan decorated the table cloth at our table. He drew his class (the stick figure version of course):

Logan's best bud at school:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Awesome Curriculum Giveaway

I just entered to win some free curriculum to use for our homeschool lessons next year. Keep your fingers crossed! You can check out the giveaway here:


Thursday, February 16, 2012

More than Enough

Sometimes life just gets a little overwhelming. There are so many things that I want to be able to do and sometimes I am doing 20 things at once. All the craziness makes me feel like a solo act in a 3 ring circus.

I have this dream...
My kids are all impeccably dressed, sitting at the table, working diligently on their homeschool lessons. My house is immaculately clean, to the point where the floors are sparkling like diamonds. I am of course cooking a 5 course gourmet meal full of nutritious and delicious items. My hair is done, I am dressed like a runway model and I have make up on. My husband comes home from work and we sit down to a meal where the children are quiet, sit still, and they eat all of their food neatly.

Then I have my reality...
There are dishes that need washing in the sink. Clothes that need folding and putting away just thrown into laundry baskets. The kids picked out their own clothes, which either don't match or are not appropriate for the weather. We do our homeschool lessons but we are loud and we make a mess. I am still in my pajamas. Did I brush my teeth this morning? I can't remember. We finish our lessons and I realize I didn't take any chicken out to defrost for dinner so I pull out some hot dogs and instant mac n cheese. Maybe I will throw on a can of green beans. Maybe. My husband will come home and we will sit down to dinner, well maybe not til an hour after he gets here. Aila can't sit still and she falls out of her chair. Levi is crying because he wants a drink. Logan is complaining that he doesn't like mac n cheese, even though on any other day he loves it. Today he doesn't. Did I mention that it is dinner time and I am still in my pajamas?

When I compare my reality to my dream, I feel like a failure. Why didn't I get everything done today? Why is my hair such a mess? I can't do this. I am drowning. I am overwhelmed. I am stressed out.

I hear Satan's lies:
I am not cut out for motherhood.
I am a horrible wife.
I am ugly.
I can't do anything right.
I am screwing my kids up.

But if I am walking with the Lord then I know how to fight back. I can call Satan out on his lies. I can recall the truth. That I am CHOSEN. I am made BLAMELESS. I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME!

If you are at all like me, I encourage you to hold onto this truth.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Levi's First Official Hair Cut

I have trimmed Levi's hair to keep it out of his eyes and off of his neck but yesterday Doug used his clippers and gave Levi a big boy haircut. Someone said Levi was a, "Pretty little girl!" and that was when I made the decision that it was time...especially since this is the 2nd time someone thought he was a girl. So here he is before and after:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Aila's Vday Party

Aila's class had a Valentine's party at school and Doud and I got to go. The kids made their own icecream sundaes, exchanged valentines, played with toys and sang their ABCs. It was really cute to watch Doug play dollhouse with the little girls in Aila's class : )

Valentine's Are Made!

I finished the kiddos Valentine's!

Aila's School Work

Logan's School Work