Thursday, February 9, 2012

Logan is Growing Up

It seems like only yesterday Logan was this small:

Now he is 4 1/2! Sometimes he still acts 2 and sometimes he acts 20! This week he has been acting very grown up. I have been pretty sick with a double kidney infection. Logan really stepped up and helped take care of Levi and Aila. He filled their cups with milk (without spilling), served them lunchables for lunch, put them to bed at nap time (complete with telling them a story and singing them a lullaby) and he put movies on for them. This week I got a little glimpse into the future man that he will become. Pretty neat!

I rewarded him for being so mature this week by letting him get his own library card today. He is so proud of it and was showing everybody at the library his card. When it was time to check out our books he carried them himself to the counter and handed the librarian his card. He was so proud of himself when we left that library.

Cherish the little moments because before long, your children will be all grown up!

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