Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"You Have Your Hands Full!"

Everywhere I go I am constantly hearing the phrase, "Wow! You have your hands full!" Sometimes people say it like they are impressed. Sometimes it sounds like they are concerned for my well being.

The truth is, my hands ARE indeed full. They are full of GOOD things! I love that my kids know my response when people tell me I have my hands full. Sometimes they even respond before I can..."We are very blessed!" And now they like to throw in, "And we have another baby on the way!"

Is it EASY? Of course not! But in my experience, anything that is worth something is going to be somewhat challenging. I am not superwoman! I pretty much always have a pile mountain of laundry waiting for me. Someone always needs something; a lost shoe, a wiped nose, a diaper changed, a drink of water. There will always be something on my to do list that gets moved on to the next day's list, maybe even for several days.

But I am OK with that. I am not going to ever be the "Perfect Mom" because there is no such thing. But in my weakness there is One who gives me strength.

“It is a kindness when God strips us of self-reliance, because it is there, in our emptiness and brokenness, that we experience the privilege of his sustaining grace. It is only when we arrive at the dreaded place of weakness that we discover the surpassing power of Christ."

I may not be perfect but He is.

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