Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's A Girl!!!

Right before we left for Louisiana for Thanksgiving I had my 20 week ultrasound and got to find out the gender of the baby. The ultrasound tech took me back without Doug to do all the measurments and stuff. When she got to the legs she asked if I wanted to wait for my husband to find out the gender and I said yes, thinking that she would go get him then. Nope...I had to wait another 10 minutes, which seemed like the longest 10 minutes ever, before she finally got him and we got to find out. And there was no denying it....OUR BABY IS A SHE!

Here is the baby's hand:

Here is the baby's profile:

And here is the baby's gender....YES! IT'S A GIRL!

The ultrasound tech was awesome and printed off 50 pictures for us to take home! I have never had that many! She kept trying to get a 3d of the baby's face but the baby kept putting her arms in front of her face and blocking the camera. In a couple of the pictures she looks like she is ready to box. LOL

Her name will be Ariah (pronounced like Mariah but with out the M...Uh- Rhye- Uh) and it means faithful in Persian. Her middle name will be Ann after my mother-in-law (now each of our kids has been named after one of their grandparents). Ann is also my sister's middle name and my Nana's nick name.

She is measuring right on track so my due date is still April 11th. Which to me means, end of March since all my babies have been a bit early. We'll see though!

I can't wait to meet our new little princess! I already have her newborn outfits set up in the closet and I can't wait to make lots more hairbows and tutus! (Did I mention that the ultrasound tech didn't see any hair at all. That's right! My two boys were born with lots of hair and it looks like my 2 girls will have been born baldies!)

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