Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mimi and Papa Came to Visit!

Mimi and Papa came to visit this weekend! It was their 39th wedding anniversary and they decided to spend it hanging out with all of us! The kids were so psyched to see them.  They waited by the window for almost an hour looking for their truck.  They stopped by our house for a bit on Friday after the playdate and then we met up with them again at Doug's brother's house for dinner that night.  Of course the cousins all loved playing  together.  I don't think they sat still for even a second!  Mimi made Aila and Grace some new dresses and even one for their dolls.  Aila wasn't the only one to get some new clothes either.  Doug's cousins recently cleaned out their closets and Mimi brought all the clothes for me and Jen to divy up.  I now have an entirely new wardrobe with some of the nicest clothes I have ever owned! Can you say blessed???  Then on Saturday everyone came to our house and Doug smoked lots of delicious meat. What a great weekend with family! Happy Anniversary Mimi and Papa!

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