Thursday, July 7, 2011

Levi's Dedication/ My Birthday : )

Sunday we had Levi's baby dedication. We were so happy that Doug's parents drove down from Louisiana and his Aunt Debbie and Uncle Byron traveled all the way down from Dallas to be there. Even Mark and Jen came! Our church prayed over us and for Doug's ministry and then our family and church came up to pray for Levi. It was such an amazing moment knowing that God miraculously saved him and being able to honor God by saying that we accept the challenge of discipling Levi and raising him to know the Lord.

At the house before we left:
All the family at church:

After the dedication we went to Antonio's to celebrate. It was great because they gave us this big back room all to ourselves and the food was so yummy! I love that place! Thank you so much Mark and Jen for lunch!!! It was a double celebration because it was also my birthday : ) I even got to eat a canoli!

I made Levi a special cake : )

When lunch was over and we had all said our goodbyes, Doug and I came home to pack up the van to go to the beach. I think this was the most fun I have had at the beach with the kids. There were no waves so I wasn't too worried about the kids in the water and Doug wasn't surfing so he hung out with us. Plus Levi was so excited about the water. I kept pulling him back and then he would crawl right into the water.


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