Saturday, July 30, 2011

Discovery Green and the Zoo

So I met up with some firends at Toddler Tuesday at Discovery Green. It was storytime with Sponge Bob, only it was so crowded that we never even saw Sponge Bob and could hardly hear the book! LOL Then I decided since I was in Houston already and the zoo was having a free 4D movie for zoo members that day that I would drive to the zoo just to see the movie...yeah right! First I got lost. Then I finally got there at 12 but the next available movie ticket wasn't until 4! So me and the kids walked around the zoo in 100 degree weather (plus humidity) until the movie that lasted a whopping 15 minutes which Aila and Levi cried through. HAHA AND THEN I GOT LOST GOING HOME.....AND I GOT STUCK IN STAND STILL TRAFFIC............AND THEN IT RAINED!!!

So yeah not a good day for me but the kids still had fun.

At Discovery Green-

At the zoo:

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