Friday, August 30, 2013

Adoption Update

So we have already raised enough for our home study and have moved on to our next goal which is $3,800 for USCIS and an approval fee.  So far we have raised $1,100 of this goal and we still have not had a single fundraiser! We have just been immensely blessed by friends and family wanting to make donations! Thank you so much! 

Right now we are preparing for our home study.  We have a book to read, some articles, and 10 hours of online classes.  I am almost done with the online classes, have read the articles and have started the book.  So we are getting closer :)  We still need to get a fire extinguisher and some stickers to put on our sliding glass door, but other than that I think our house is pretty much ready to go for the home study.  Having 4 kiddos means our home is pretty much already child proof :)

We will be having a garage sale this month and a car wash soon to try to raise more toward this next goal.  Please continue to pray for us on our adoption journey.  Pray that God would make us the best family we can be for our future child/children.  Pray for protection over our child/children.  For their health and safety.

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