Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday to Aila!

I can't believe Aila is 5 years old! She really wanted a Barbie party this year.  I was able to get her a Barbie princess castle at a garage sale for $2 but she didn't have any Barbies to play with on it.  Well since she had her birthday she now has plenty of Barbies to play with and she is in heaven!  At her party I made a life size Barbie box for the kids to dress up and take pictures in.  I also set up a nail painting station and all the kids got to decorate a pair of sunglasses.  We played musical chairs and red light, green light, hit a piñata and ate cake :) 

Barbie Box Photo Booth:
Decorating sun glasses:
Musical Chairs:
Red light, Green Light:
Cake time:
Piñata fun:
Present time:
Everyone playing Barbies:

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