Monday, April 30, 2012

Our First Days

Day 1: They took Ariah away to the nursery because the hospital siad they did not have enough staff to let the baby stay in the room for the 24 hour rooming I had requested. They gave her her bath and took her measurements and had to monitor her there. She was only supposed to be gone for an hour or two but they kept her for 4! I was furious and for the rest of our time there whenever they wanted to take Ariah back to the nursery for more tests we flat out refused. That night Doug drove to pick up the kids and our neighbor to bring them to the hospital to see their new sister. Mark, Jen and the kids came to visit as well. It was so nice to have everyone there to welcome Ariah! And the hospital even had a little birthday cake so we could throw Ariah a little birthday party : ) Day 2: Our neighbors came to visit us and stayed to talk for a while. Other than that we pretty much took it easy, knowing that this would be our last day alone with the baby before we went home. Day 3: We got released from the hospital and got to take Ariah home. The kids couldn't wait to see us. Logan and Aila were fighting over who got to hold their sister and Levi was quite jealous and kept trying to climb on top of her while I nursed. In the nursery:
Going home outfit:
First car ride:
Finally home!

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