Monday, April 30, 2012

Ariah Ann has Arrived!

OK so this post is a little late but 1) I have a newborn and 3 other kids so not a lot of time to be blogging. 2) I got a new computer that I had to set up and get all the pics on and 3) Blogger changed their format so I am still figuring it out. LOL But here is the first of many more posts to come... I went to the dr. on Friday and I was still stuck at a 4 1/2. I was 2 days past my due date. My dr. said she would only let me go one week past before I would have to be induced. So we scheduled my induction for Wednesday. I decided to ask the dr. to strip the membranes. It was a last ditch effort to get me into labor and I have heard of this working for some people in the past. Well I went to bed that night and I woke up at 4 am with strong contractions. This wasn’t new for me though because I had been having contractions for a month so I just woke up and decided to try soaking in the tub to see if I would feel any better. Instead I started feeling worse. I woke up Doug around 5:30 and told him that it was the real deal. He went and got our neighbor and by the time he got back I was getting even worse. We jumped in the car and Doug needed to get gas. I was in so much pain that I thought we might deliver at the gas station! Luckily we made it to the hospital. My dr. was at a conference and was not able to be there so another woman was there. She checked me and I was at a 7. She broke my water, which I thought it broke on its own but Doug told me later that the Dr. did it. It makes me mad that she did it without asking me, but I think she was just trying to make the labor go faster. About 10 minutes later I felt the urge to push. They checked me and I was at a 9 and they told me I couldn’t push. But I couldn’t help it. They told me my cervix was getting swollen and that I could hemmorage. 30 minutes later I was still at a 9 and not allowed to push. I gave up on a natural labor at this point. My cervix was becoming more swollen and I couldn’t stop pushing. I asked for the epidural. They got it in within 5 minutes and I was pain free in 10! I had to wait over 2 hours for the swelling in my cervix to go down so that I could push. I was so glad I asked for the epidural. There is no way I would have made it another 2 hours! By this time there was another Dr. on charge. A man dr. I never, ever wanted any of my babies deliverd by a man but I didn’t have a choice. Luckily it only took 1 push and she was out. She arrived at 9:47 am and weighed 7 lbs. 2 oz. and was 20.5 inches long. Here she is:

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Joy said...

A big congratulations!!! I love to hear the birth stories! I can relate to that feeling of thinking the baby was going to be delivered in the car. Lesson learned - always keep the tank full when full term :).