Monday, April 25, 2011

East Texas Visit

We went to East Texas to visit Doug's grandma, grandpa, granny, and uncle. We started out at his grandma and grandpa's house. They live right on a lake and the kids got to go fishing. Logan caught some HUGE catfish! He even reeled them in! He caught more fish than the rest of us and all his fish were bigger than ours! While we were there we went to dinner at his grandparents'church.

Then we went to Doug's granny and Uncle JD's house. The kids loved playing with them and Logan even said, "I wish you could come to my house." to his GG. Isn't that sweet? We had our egg hunt and some lunch. After lunch we tried to get a nice family picture. I say try because it was nuts and Logan was not cooperating. That kids knows how to press my buttons!
Doug's dad was very helpful in hiding the eggs...
The kids' Easter baskets...A special thanks to Phyllis at the New Orlean's property for their baskets this year! They absolutely loved them!:

On the way back we passed this car lot and look what they had made! It's Mader from Disney's Cars. Of course we had to be dorks and U-turn so we could go take pics with him!

It was so nice to get to spend time with Doug's grandparents. I just think that ti is so neat that our kids not only have grandparents, but great grand parents as well. I didn't get to grow up with grandparents so it is a really neat relationship to see. We are so blessed : )

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