Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Adoption Update

Well we got it!!!! Our USCIS approval has finally arrived! That means we are officially approved by the US government for international adoption and that we can officially be added to the waiting list to be matched with a child. 

But with this good news also comes some bumps in the road.  Adoption has slowed down greatly in Uganda and our agency is not sure if they will be able to continue with their Uganda program :( 

Originally when we got our USCIS approval we were supposed to pay our first really big fee, $3,000, to our agency.  We have about $2,000 raised toward this so far so we were praying that God would provide the other 1,000 quickly so that we could pay the agency and be ready to receive a child referral.  The agency contacted us yesterday though and told us to send them our approval but to hold off on paying them because everything is kind of up in the air right now.

So there are tons of unknowns right now.  Will we be able to continue with our current agency?  Will we need to change to another?  Will adoptions in Uganda be near impossible so that we will have to change countries?  Of course I hate not knowing the future but we know God has a plan in all of this.  We just don't know what the next step will be yet.

So will you please pray for our family?  Pray that the path we are to take will be clear.  Pray for direction and wisdom.  

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