Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chic Fil A Family Night

We have been enjoying the Family Night at Chic Fil A. The first week we went it was a pajama party. The kids got to decorate pillow cases and they had a contest for the cutest pajamas and Aila won! She got a free shake and a stuffed cow : )

The next week the Veggie Tales came to Chic Fil A and we took the kids to see them. Aila is still afraid of anything dressed in a mascot costume so she stayed hidden behind me. Logan on the otherhand kept running up and giving them hugs and high fives. Levi was not sure what to think. We entered a raffle while we were there and we got a phone call 2 days later that we won! So last week Aila won for the pajama contest and this week Levi won the raffle. We are certainly enjoying some free Chic Fil A : )

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