Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm a Perfectionist

Sometimes it's hard being a full time mom.  I miss going to school and getting a letter grade that told me how well I was doing.  I miss teaching and getting my written reviews of how I was doing.  I am an extreme perfectionist.  Anything less than an A+ was not good enough for me.  If I got a 99 on a paper I was mad at the 1 point I missed.

  As a mom the only feedback you really get is from your kids.  And kids are not perfect.  When my kids act up I feel like I must be doing a bad job.  But then I have to remind myself that kids are not perfect.  But the prefectionist in me really wants them to be.  It can be very frustrating.

Right now the kids are supposed to be taking their nap.  Instead of sleeping, I hear Logan singing at the top of his lungs.  At first I was going to be mad, but then I stopped to listen to his song before I opened the door.  He was singing praises to Jesus...

"Jesus I love you! You are so great! You made me special! You made my family! Jesus I love you! Thank you for the sun! Thank you for Texas! You are so great! Thank you for my mommy! You made her special! Jesus I love you"

So instead of scolding I opened the door and reminded him that he was supposed to be sleeping.  He said, "Yes mam!" and laid down.

I guess I am doing an OK job afterall : )

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