Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Morning

We were supposed to wake up early, open presents, sing happy birthday to Jesus and then head out the door to go feed the homeless on Christmas morning.  Instead, I was up all night Christmas eve with a terrible pain in my back.  I knew it had to be a Kidney infection and luckily we were able to find an urgent care open on Christmas.  So we woke up and let the kids open presents and sing happy birthday and eat cake as planned but then it was off to the drs for me.  It turns out I had a kidney infection AND a sinus infection.  They gave me a perscription and 2 shots and sent me home.  We then had our Christmas dinner.  We were supposed to have company but they all cancelled last minute so it was just a quiet day.  The kids spent the whole day in their jammies and I spent the day trying to feel better.

The tree with the presents on Christmas morning:

 The kids LOVED their Zhu Zhu pets from their cousins Diane and Marisa:

 Aila opening up her pony:
 Logan went crazy for his train set:
 Some more goodies:

 Aila loves her new raincoat from Nana.  She wore it all morning:
 Time to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and eat some cake for breakfast:

 Time for Christmas dinner!

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