Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The never ending pregnancy...

This has been a pregnancy like no other.
 -14 weeks


- 19 weeks
 - 23 weeks
-26 weeks
 - 28 weeks
 - 30 weeks
 - 32 weeks
 - 34 weeks
 - 37 weeks
I was sicker at the end then I was in the beginning.

I was way bigger and was convinced I was having twins.

I had round ligament pain that would shoot down my leg and cause me to collapse and not be able to stand up, sometimes for 20 minutes at a time.  Thankfully it only happened in public twice and no one noticed.

For the first time ever, my belly button popped out.

I couldn't see my toes at the end of my pregnancy.

This is also the first pregnancy that I had to take my rings off at the end.  If you ever get rings stuck on your fingers youtube the string trick for taking off rings.  It works.  Not fun but it works.

I had pretty much non stop contractions for 3 weeks at the end.

I tried EVERY method of natural induction.  Thoughts on that-  I never want to smell Clary Sage again.  I will never recommend Castor Oil to anyone.  I am convinced that babies come when God wants them to, regardless of our methods to try and help labor.

The last month was super hard with being sick, lots of pain, and constant contractions.  I didn't sleep much and I cried...ALOT.  This was my hardest pregnancy.  BUT it was SO WORTH IT.  Because in the end I got this...

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