Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aunt Mary and Nana Come to Visit!

My mom and aunt came for a surprise visit for spring break! Doug told me he had a surprise and I would not stop pestering him.  He refused to tell me but I checked his computer and found "directions from Mesa to Houston"  and then I saw my mom had called him and I figured it out!  I hate not knowing stuff! LOL It was so great to have my mom and Aunt Mary here! I love them so much and I wish they never had to leave :(

Nana put sponge rollers in Aila's hair like she used to do to mine when I was little:
My Aunt Mary had never eaten at Chic Fil A before!!!
We all went to the park:
Just hanging at home:
My mom got on the trampoline with the kids! She is still a kid at heart!
Aila wanted to fix Aunt Mary's hair:
Nana giving Ariah some of her sippy cup:
We treated them to pizza :)
Our last meal together :(
Video of Nana jumping on the trampoline with the kids:

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