Monday, May 7, 2012

Last Soccer Game of the Season

Logan and Aila had their last soccer game of the season. Only 3 kids from the other team showed up for some odd reason, so our coach had some of our players play for the other team. It was neat because Logan and Aila played against eachother for the first time. Aila did great running the whole game (she usually tuckers out quickly) and she only fell once (she usually trips over her own 2 feet atleast 3 times in a game). Logan pretty much dominated the field. The whole game it was back and forth between him and a girl named Allie. In the end they tied. I am sure Logan will want to play again in the fall but I think Aila wants to try something else. We'll see ; ) Posing in their uniforms before the game:
Warm Up:
Our sweet friends came to watch their game:
Yes...I can nurse and cheer on my soccer stars at the same time ; )
Logan in action:
Aila goofing with her teamates during a water break:
Logan throwing the ball in from out of bounds:
Posing with their coach:

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