Monday, March 7, 2011

Rodeo Time!

The Houston Rodeo is in full swing and everyone is talking about it out here.  Someone said it is the biggest rodeo in the world.  Doug and I thought about going but then we looked up ticket prices...$25 a person and $30 to park! We knew we couldn't afford it.  So then Doug tried to look up how much it would cost just to take the kids to see the livestock and all of a sudden Doug's brother calls and says he has 4 free tickets and a parking pass to the rodeo!!! Isn't God awesome? So we got to go last week and we absolutely loved it! Thank you so much Mark! Our seats were so close that when they were doing the bull riding I was a little worried that the bull would jum out into the stands and trample us! lol

Our tickets. I thought it was a little wierd to pic lamas to depict the Houston Rodeo and not a horse or a cowboy or something.

We are ready for the rodeo!
A verizon stand was giving away free foam cowboy hats and the kids loved them!
This is our family at the live stock area.  My thoughts while taking this picture were, "Why didn't I wear sneakers? I bet I am standing in poop right now!" lol

Such a great daddy:

Logan loved watching the chicks hatch.  He insisted on staying to watch until this particular egg hatched.  I never knew how long it took a bird to hatch.  It was so neat to watch though!

They had a section where you  could dig in dirt and find worms.  Logan loved it!

We got to pet lots of animals:

My favorite was petting the lama.  I have always wanted to pet a lama ever since I was a kid and there was a song about them on Sesame Street called, "Me and My Lama"

Then the kids got to see what it would be like to be a rodeo clown.  Rodeo clowns hide in a barrel during the bull riding and when the rider falls off it is the clowns job to distract the bull from hurting the rider.

It was military aprreciation day when we went.  They did a great job of giving the troops the credit they deserve!

My cowboy:
Our super close seats:

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